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Everything Mechanical Has Been Totally Restored

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Coupe
Trim: Coupe
Year: 1968
Mileage: 78,358
VIN: 8R01T121377
Color: Meadowlark Yellow
Engine: 200 cu. in
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hendersonville, Tennessee, United States

1968 Ford Mustang Coupe Additional Info:

History:This car was purchased on eBay back in May of 2013 for my son's first vehicle. He drove it to and from school each day so I wanted to make sure everything mechanically functioned as well as possible to keep him safe.It turned into a five (5) year restoration project and my son and I really enjoyed our time spent working together restoring this car. He named her Marley and that name stuck through the years. ("Marley the Mustang")
He went to college four hours away so I decided to get him a modern vehicle since he was too far away from Dad's garage for me to be able to keep things running correctly all the time. Marley was a great daily drive close to home, but classic cars require basic maintenance and upkeep at all times to keep the running optimally. But the tradeoff is you get to own a piece of American history and Marley gets attention everywhere she goes. You can'tstop by the gas station or a grocery store without some stranger stopping by to ask you a question or telling you a story about the Mustang they used to own. Most all of the newer Mustang owners give you a nod or wave as you pass them on the street.
During the restoration process, we took great pains to keep Marley as original as possible. We always used OEM parts to replace anything we replaced with the exception of the wheels. We knew this could cause issues for an original only Mustang lover so we saved the parts we took off whenever we added non-OEM parts. (Wheels, stereo, hubcaps, etc...)
Reason for Selling:The reason we are selling Marley is that all she doesanymore is sit in the garage. We hope to find her a good home where someone will drive her at least on the weekends, if not as adaily driver. Marley is too nice to keep in storage all the time. She needs to be running up and down the roads.
Provenance:Check the photos for the two postal shipping envelopes packed full of sales receipts dating back to 1988. You can follow Marley's history from Colorado, to Alabama, and later on the Tennessee where she now resides. The past five (5) owners are documented along with all of the vehicle registrations dating back to 1996 through 2018. It is very rare to have so much documentation on a base Mustang.This vehicle has been loved throughout most of her life and the documents prove that!
There is a lot of information to be gleaned from these documents. i.e., one receipt dated 5/12/00 shows Marley's mileage as 58,218. That means there have only been 20,000 miles put on Marley between then and now.
Also, the Marti report is included which showsthe manufacturing date, facility, ordering dealership, and options. Marley's DOB is 12/29/1967.
Original Parts Saved for Next Owner (Included in Sale):Original Holley 1BBL Carb (Needs rebuilding)Original Tires and WheelsOriginal Ford AM StereoOriginal Hubcaps (Not sure how original since there are three styles)
General Notes:The vinyl on the roof will need to be replaced at some point in the future, but it is still in fair condition overall. The roof is solid and doesn't leak at all. Also, the power steering cylinder could use rebuilding. It works fine, but the seals are going out. I just keep a close eye on the fluid levels and there have not been any issues in the five (5) years Marley has been with us.
I don't know for certain that this could be called a survivor Mustang, but it has been kept and maintained for many many years by individuals who loved driving her in her original condition. We wanted to leave a small footprint on her, but we wanted to leave her as close to the way we received her as possible. We knew the day would come where we would have to pass her on to another owner. That day has come.Thank you for reading/viewing this ad!
There are several parts and custom tools included in this sale. The minimum value for the extra parts and tools is $500.00 if sold separately on eBay. (i.e., fuel filters, oil filters, spark plugs, original vacuum lines, original distributor, original sending unit, extra coil, original points, brake tools, brake adjustment tools, many extra bulbs, replacement bushings, replacement tie rod ends, original carburetor, bolts, nuts, screws, fuses, multimeter, timing light, etc...) The trunk is filled with a full-size spare, jack, lug wrench and all of these extra parts and tools.
Go to NADA and search the value of this vehicle and keep in mind the number of new mechanical parts that have been recently added to make Marley a safe and reliable car to drive. Read the upgrades completed during the five-year restoration process below and please make a bid if you are interested in accepting the torch for Marley. We are just looking for a next-good home for this valued member of our family.
Upgrades Since May 2013:
Date Part or Category Cost
5/10/2013 Base 1968 Mustang Coupe - eBay 5,500.00 eBay Motors
5/15/2013 Fuel tank and Sending Unit 300.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Front and Rear Shocksx4 300.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Complete Brake Rebuild 600.00 (Drums, Cylinders, pads, and springs)
6/15/2013 Misc. Bulb Replacement 25.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Headlight switch 65.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/1/2013 Oil Pressure Gauge 150.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/1/2013 Brake Light Switch 35.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/1/2013 Dome Courtesy/Light Covers 10.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/1/2013 Driver Door Handle 15.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/1/2013 Vent Window Guides 50.00 CJ Pony Parts
5/10/2015 Pioneer Stereo /w Bluetooth 425.00 Electronic Express
5/10/2015 Amplifier 400.00 Electronic Express
9/5/2014 Outlaw II Wheels 700.00 CJ Pony Parts
9/5/2014 BF Goodrich Tires 740.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Strut Bushings 85.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Tie rod Ending Bushings 60.00 CJ Pony Parts
6/15/2013 Headlights 50.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2016 Underbody Access Port Plugs 25.00 CJ Pony Parts
7/5/2013 Tachometer Added - 2" In-Console 150.00 O'Reilly Auto
7/5/2013 Windshield Wiper Blades and Arms 45.00 O'Reilly Auto
7/5/2013 Blinker, Tail Light, Interior Bulbs 50.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Distributor 150.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Power Steering Pump 250.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2017 Oil Pressure Sending Unit 45.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Engine Temp Sending Unit 40.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Battery 155.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Voltage Regulator 30.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Fuel Pump 65.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Carburetor -New Rebuilt 475.00 Ebay
8/15/2017 Solenoid 25.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Starter 125.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Radiator 330.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2017 Sparkplug Wires 40.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Water Pump 95.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Park/Neutral Sensor Replacement 125.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2017 Transmission Filter 45.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Replace all Vacuum Lines 90.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Master Cylinder 200.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Coil 50.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2017 Engine Mounts x 2 75.00 CJ Pony Parts
8/15/2017 Alternator & Wiring Harness 125.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/15/2017 Thermostat 25.00 O'Reilly Auto
8/25/2015 Remove and Rebuild Head 400.00
8/25/2015 Flush Trans Rebuild Shift Linkage 230.00
8/25/2015 New Gasket Kit 90.00
8/25/2015 Replace All Hoses and Fuel Lines 150.00
8/25/2015 Engine Belts and Alternator 125.00
8/25/2015 New Water Pump 55.00
8/25/2015 Electronic Ignition Conversion 200.00 Professional Mechanic - $1250.00