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Make: Ford
Model: F-100
Type: Pickup (Truck)
Doors: 2
Year: 1981
Mileage: 3,468
Color: Other
Engine: 4.9L Inline 6
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Blue
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1981 Ford F-100 Additional Info:

From the two-tone paint, to the interior, to the motor this 1981 Ford F-100 is terrific lesson in survivor-grade honesty. So whether you had a truck like this or your family had one, you're looking at an affordable way to capture some memories and make some new ones.
The silver and blue look factory original. It's not perfect, but it has the exact level of preservation that will strike you as perfect. After all, this is from the era when the family pickup went to work, and so this one has earned its keep on occasion. But the way the two-tone is intricately put together also reminds you that dad wanted a little style on the weekends, too. After all, the way the blue is laid out using the sheet metal creases and trim as dividing borders with the silver is the kind of intricate style we haven't seen since the '60s. Plus, we love the way the blue returns on the roof, and there's even double pin striping! Ford really took their time painting this truck, so it's only fair that it remains this original today. Plus, chrome bumpers, bright bed rails, and upgraded 15-inch wheels make for plenty of extra shine on this special pickup.
Inside is a true time machine all dressed in blue. It starts with the bench seat that has comfortable blue velour for where you sit and durable vinyl for the high traffic areas. The dash is absolutely period-correct, and you've got all the right features, including the AM/FM radio and provisions for air conditioning. With the original dual-spoke steering wheel in your left hand, and the gear stick in your right, this provides the kind of classic motoring that only a well-preserved vintage pickup can.
And speaking of preservation, you're going to love the engine bay. The 4.9-liter (300ci) inline six is believed to be original to the truck. And it certainly looks the part, right down to its bold blue block and factory-correct decals. This isn't a speed demon of a power plant, but it's also no slouch (remember, the Mustang of this era is famous for its 302ci motor.) What this allows for is plenty of torque to get the job done, and thanks the control of the four-speed manual transmission, it's also quite fun to drive around town. Plus, there's power steering and front disc brakes, so this classic pickup is also a great any time cruiser.
This is rolling nostalgia offered for an affordable price. So do you want to look through your photo albums or drive them? Call now!