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1991 Mustang LX Coupe / SVO / Super Coupe / 2.3 Turbo / Custom Build w/1984 Bmpr

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Coupe
Trim: LX Sedan 2.3 TURBO
Year: 1991
Mileage: 80,100
VIN: 1FACP40M6MF158922
Color: White
Engine: 2.3L TURBO GAS
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Blue
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Crystal River, Florida, United States

1991 Ford Mustang LX Sedan 2.3 TURBO Additional Info:

This Mustang should be considered a running project, ready for your upgrades to take it to the next level, or to drive as is after correcting issues. I purchased this to convert to a 5 speed car, but another project that I prefer to work on right now has presented itself and it will be a while before I can get to this. Rather than let it sit for the next year I am offering it up to someone else that may have the proper passion for this set up. It is a bit rough around the edges, but has virtually no rust except a spot in spare well that could use some attention. A very solid car overall. Wear and tear beyond that would be what you would normally find on this year car under normal use.
The clear Florida Title shows the odometer status as EXEMPT. The 5 digit odometer reads 80,000+.
There is a story on how this unusual Mustang came to be, created by a talented local auto repair shop owner for his daily use using OEM factory sourced parts making a car that was never offered from Ford.
Using a 1991 Mustang LX Coupe with a 2.3 twin plug four cylinder engine and A4LD as a starting point the following modifications were performed:
  • Installed a 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe Turbo set up, using the Thunderbird ECU and a 1986 Mustang SVO Intercooler and an aftermarket Blow-Off valve.
  • Worked out all of the details of getting the 1991 coil pack engine to work with the 1988 electronics.
  • Installed a 1984 front bumper and modified a 1986 Mustang SVO hood to fit.
  • Installed a Crane No. 199501 Camshaft.
  • Built custom exhaust with the down pipe going to 2.5" dual exhaust with Thrush mufflers, for a 5.0 GT style rear exhaust set up, cats are deleted.
  • Installed high end 4 to 5 lug adapters to use 2008 18" Bullit Style Mustang wheels with 235/40/18 tires all around. (there is a little tire rub)
  • Lower the car 2"
  • Did any and all required maintenance to make the car usable as a daily driver (40 miles each way) including a new timing belt, tensioner, brakes, etc.
  • Used a newer JVC Stereo, CD player.
  • Had a local transmission shop upgrade the AL4D to Super Coupe standards including heavy duty servos, 4 gear planetary, a shift kit and added a transmission cooler.
  • Take the stock 3.73 geared rear differential and weld the spider gears creating a locked, spool type set up.

Doing all of the above the car was then put into service as a daily commuter and several thousand miles were driven. The issue was that a problem seemed to be built into the transmission and it was never properly addressed. Instead of correcting the issue the car was continually driven and what may have been just a valve body issue turned into the probable destruction of the 1st gear clutch pack. The car is still running and driving and I have driven it about 100 miles since I got it. My intentions was to buy a 5 speed conversion from Prestige Mustangs, in Georgia and get rid of the automatic, or source an entire 2.3 5 speed car (which I found a couple for $500-$800) and use it as a parts donor.

Right now if you put the car in reverse, sometimes it works properly, other times it acts like the parking brake is on. It will also act like it is in gear when in Park and Neutral. If you put the selector in 1,2,or D it acts like the parking brake is on. If you put it in OD sometimes it acts like the parking brake is on, but after powering through that it will then drive normally, but starts off in 2nd gear and will up-shift making highway travel possible. Usually after that it will drive 2-OD normally for the rest of the drive. It shifts pretty hard and the fluid is burnt.

Another known issue is that even though the A/C is intact and working, the compressor is not cycling properly. This may be because of the hybrid electronics and this issue has not been dealt with yet. There are also some loose or missing bolts in the front bumper and the air bag light is on since the sensors are gone. The original bumper and hood, along with the 1984 hood are included and go with the car. I noticed some other wear issues in the steering rack, and sway bar bushings, so do not think the car is 100% beyond what I mentioned and bid accordingly.

So what is here is a really good mock up with all of the difficult configuration issues all worked out. The car would be perfect to just change to a 5 speed or just correct the existing issues with the automatic and drive it as is. Another possibility is to take the car to the next level and make it a really nice car. Either way, it is a fun car to drive.

When taking pen to paper and assessing all of the parts used to upgrade this car I conservatively came to a $3,700 figure in parts alone. This does not include the $1,300 spent to upgrade the failed transmission which still has some good usable parts if someone wanted to correct it.

If you also consider the 40-60+ hours of labor that it took to get the car to this point you can see that there is a potential to take advantage of a really rare opportunity. Cars in this configuration are far and few between.

In person inspections are welcome and highly encouraged. If you have any questions it would be best to call or text me directly at 305-283-8602 rather than use the eBay message system as I will not be checking it except maybe once a day.

The car is available for sale locally and I reserve the right to cancel all bids and end the auction early for someone that shows up with cash in hand. I can also be encouraged to end the auction and sell to the highest bidder at anytime, so do not rely on the idea that there are more hours or days left in the auction and place your best and highest bid from the start. If I like what I see I may reach out to you and end the auction and it will be yours!

If you are far away and need shipping I will be happy to hold the car for up to a month while you work that out. I do not expect a deposit, but payment in full rather quickly. Three working days seems fair if you are a serious buyer. Bank wire transfer would be the preferred method, but a certified check over-nighted is fine as well. If you show up with cash, we will meet at my bank down the street so I am protected from counterfeit bills.

Please see the videos for the car running, a walk around and a slide show with more photos.

1991 Mustang 2 3 Turbo slide show - YouTube

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1991 2.3 Turbo Mustang under hood running - YouTube

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1991 2.3 Turbo Mustang Walk around interior exhaust - YouTube

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1991 2.3 Turbo Mustang walk around - YouTube

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