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1967 Ford Mustang Covertible Red Black 83K miles 6 cylinder Automatic Serviced

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Type: Convertible
Trim: Convertible
Year: 1967
Mileage: 83,500
VIN: 7T03T107994
Color: Red
Engine: 6 cylinder
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: Rear wheel drive
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hixson, Tennessee, United States

1967 Ford Mustang Additional Info:

Hi everyone!!!! I am putting my 1967 Mustang Convertible up forsale. I will write as much info as I possibly can and hope it describes the car as accurately as possible. I have always wanted a 67 Mustang Convertible. So I finally found one and bought it. My plan from day one was to fix it up myself and enjoy it. I am not one of these people who say they are going to fix something up and never do or just let it sit. The first day I got it I started working on it. I always wanted to do this. So that is a little back story. It is a 6 cylinder with an automatic transmission. I have pics of the VIN tag and engine tags. I believe it is the original engine and transmission. The previous owner told me the miles are accurate. They bought it 21 years ago.
PICTURES!!!! Here is a link to 180 pictures of the car from every angle.
http://postimg.org/gallery/2p51h1bi2/ Here is a list of everything that I replaced or repaired. New front brake shoes, ardware kit, oth front wheel cylinders, oth front brake hoses. I cleaned everything while I was in there and cleaned and greased the adjusters thoroughly. I probably spent an hour on them and worked them back and forth. They move very very easy now. Very easy to adjust the brakes. I also lubed where the side of the shoes rub up against the metal plate. The drums are in near new condition. The rear brakes were replaced by the previous owner about a year ago. They are in excellent condition. I included pics of them in my picture profile of the car. I lubed the parking brake cable and got it working again. Brakes work great. They stop great for non power drums. I spent a lot of time adjusting them to get the optimum stopping power without dragging. I replaced the rear shocks with a little fun performance set of shocks. I also replaced the bushings and washers. I replaced the front shocks with the same brand and the bushings and washers too. They are all new shocks and they are red which I think is cool. Let me also say that I replaced most of the bolts that I removed unless they were in good shape. Every bolt that was reused was completely cleaned on the wire wheel and anti seize was used on almost all of them. I never wanted anyone to have a problem taking it apart again. Cooling system. I replaced the radiator. It is brand new and works great. The car runs very cool and it doesn't leak any coolant. I also replaced the waterpump with a brand new one not a rebuilt one. I replaced the gasket and used gasket sealer to make sure it didn't leak. I replaced the waterpump and thermostat bolts with brand new ones. I put a lot of anti-seize on them all too. The thermostat gasket is new and I used sealant on it also. Both radiator hoses are new also. The radiator cap is brand new too. I have the heater bypassed right now. That hose is brand new too. I removed the entire heater box. I got all of the diverter flaps working properly and I put in a brand new aluminum heater core. The blower resistor is only a few years old. I also put a brand new blower in it. More engine. :) I replaced the alternator voltage regulator. I cleaned all the connections and made some new grounds. The alternator charges at 14.1V. Works Great. I replaced the starter and the starter solenoid. Both are brand new. Work great and turns the engine quickly. Starts right up. I just bought a brand new battery too. All connections were thoroughly cleaned. I replaced all the spark plugs. I put anti-seize on all of them and took my time and gapped them with a feeler gauge. All spark plug wires are brand new too. I put on a new cap and rotor too. I installed a new valve cover gasket and put sealant on it. I also painted the valve cover while it was off. I put a new PCVvalve on and a new hose for it too. I replaced all the vacuum lines in the engine compartment too. Fuel system: I put a new fuel pump on it, replaced all the fuel hoses and installed a new fuel filter. Adjusted the carb too. The carb was replaced by the previous owner. It is not the original carb. Works great though. Starts right up and runs smoothly. The choke is not hooked up though. It doesn't need it. Starts right up without out. Both V belts are fairly new and in good condition. I also installed a new ignition switch and a new brake light switch. I removed the neutral safety switch, ewired it and cleaned it internally thoroughly.Every now and then it wouldn't work which is why I removed it to see what was going on.It is a Ford NSS and maybe original. I noticed the plastic backing was cracked and not fitting into the frame. Cleaned all the contacts and everything. Put it back together and it is working great but I think it should be replaced down the road. I also adjusted the kick down while I was down there. I think I have it just about perfect. I spent a lot of time working on. I have hills where I live so I tried to get it just right when you start going up a hill to kick down. The transmissionvacuum modulator was replaced by the previous owner and isn't very old.I replaced the vacuum line to it also.
All windows work even the rear quarter windows. The fronts worked when I bought the car but the back windows didn't. I replaced the window rollers and thoroughly greased the tracks. One of the regulators was forced so I removed it and cleaned all the old grease off of it and straightened it out. Replaced the rollers and now it works great. I also cleaned all the leaf debris in the bottom of the window compartments. I take my time and clean everything while I am in there. I removed the entire interior. I wanted to see what everything looked like underneath. Plus I wanted to thoroughly clean the interior. I also replaced the front seat belts. They are brand new and work great. The rears are original. I saved the front ones that I removed. I took many pictures of the floors. I will let you be the judge. The pans were replaced and laid over the originals. I feel the pictures will show more detail than I could explain. I put rust converter on everything and painted it thoroughly. While I was in there I noticed the shifter felt loose. So I took it all apart and it didn't have bushings in it. I ordered a set of new bushings and replaced them. I cleaned all the parts and greased the bushing housing. It works great now. Very tight and feels like new. I got both seat tracks working. They were frozen when I got the car. Now both seats move easily when the lever is moved. Both seats back fold down easy too. I wanted to know my exact coolant temperature so I installed a mechanical tempgauge. I still have the original sending unit and can reinstall it if the new owner wants the stock gauge to work vs the mechanical gauge. The stocktemp gauge worked fine but I really want to know theexact temperatureto see how my cooling system is working. I didn't make any holes or screw it in. It is just loose soI didn't modify anything when Iinstalled it. Igot all the door locks working. I even got theglove box lockworking. Motor mounts are both new also. They needed it. I have sway bar links that are new but I haven't installed them yet. I also changed the oil and put 10W-30 in it with a Motorcraft oil filter. Paint. I changed the color. I wanted a Red Mustang. So I took my time and sanded the car, emoved as much of the trim, umpers I could, taped it all off and painted it myself. It was a ton of work. Much more than I thought it would be. I painted all the little trim pieces too like headlight bezels, ainted all the screws. I painted all the jams too. I put a lot of paint on it so there should be plenty to color sand it to get that deep shine but I lost interest after all the work to paint it. I spend forever taping off to paint the jams. I also painted the underside of the car. I wanted it black. I painted the wheel wells too. I cleaned all the lug nuts when the wheels were off and anti siezed the bolts. I wanted it to look very polished. While I had fun doing all of this I think I did it right away and got burned out. I love the car but I just worked on it constantly and now want to get something different. It is hard to put into words put I put 110% into this project. I didn't cut corners. I invite you to inspect my work. I took pics of a lot of it too. That being said I am not going to put any more money into it. I had an agreement and I spent more than I should have. So while there are a few other things I would like to fix I can't put anymore money into it. If the new owner and I make a nice deal I may however do the labor for free if they buy the parts on some things. It is a possibility. The reason I say this is because I know the car well and I am happy to put time into it but I can't put anymore money into and I truly like the car and want it to be the best it can be. With all that being said here are some of the things that I think could be done. It needs a new top. The electric top works fine but the canvas is in bad shape. Latches work. The tires have good tread but are cracking in the tread which means they are old and need to be replaced I think. Rubber gets hard and cracks and doesn't grip the road like new pliable rubber so from a safety point it is a great idea. The seats have separated in various areas from the stitching. The covers aren't much but my main goal was to get it running and driving with great reliability. Cosmetics are second to me. It needs an air cleaner. I have the stock one but it doesn't fit. The carb is too high. I have the washer pedal but it isn't installed. I have no idea if it works. The plenum was broken or ripped. I think it is made of some kind of heavy cardboard. It connects to the heater box. They aren't much money on Ebay but it wasn't something I saw as necessary right now. It needsa new squirrel cage. The original one was bent and not in good shape. Right now I have the heater bypassed. I don't have hoses running to the heater core. I have new sway bar links. The rubber is cracking on the links that are on there now. I may get them replaced soon. I would like to do the bushings too but I need to measure the sway bar to see which size I need. It runs and drives great. It starts right up hot or cold. It isn't very loud at all. It has power steering which I love and it is so easy to steer. It doesn't leak any power steering fluid either. It doesn't leak any coolant. It does leak a very small amount of tranny fluid. Maybe a drop or two over night. Nothing major. The brakes work great. Turn signals work, headlights work. All windows work. Radio works. Speedo works and so does odometer. I mentioned the temp gauge. Oil pressure gauge works but is slow. Gas gauge works also. All seat belts work. Hood releases easy. Doors all open and close properly. Glass is all in good condition. It runs cool and doesn't run hot not even close. Very easy vintage car to drive. I have a title for it too. Not just on bill of sale. So there you have. I put over 200 hours into this car of labor. Not to mention research time, rdering parts, tc. I think I just burned myself out. I think I covered everything.

Thanks so much for looking and I hope you have a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!!

If you have any ?s feel free to ask. I will answer them the best I can. I stay very busy and please respect my time. I can’t talk for an hour if you are just kicking the tires. I love to spend time with my family in my spare time so please don’t take that away from me. I will be happy to help in anyway though if you are serious. Thanks so much.

Please review all of the pictures provided. I included many detailed photos of this car from all angles. I have included everything I know about this car. However, f you have a question please feel free to email me with any questions related to this vehicle or the transaction. I encourage all inspections in person for serious buyer not tire kickers. No joy rides though.

I have a clear title. No lien, own it free and clear. No stories, o funny business or title issues. I am happy to meet any transporter and can make my schedule flexible to meet them. Buyer agrees to pay for this vehicle in Full before it and the title will be released. Cash or Wire Transfer accepted only. Cashier’s Check accepted if allowed to clear before the vehicle is picked up. The funds must be clear and available before I will release the vehicle. I require a $500 Non-Refundable Good Faith Deposit (No Exceptions!). It is due within 5 days after the close of the auction. The remaining balance must be paid within7 to 10 days from the close of the auction- even if you plan to pick up the car at a later date. I am flexible but sometimes people delay it and never pay for the car. I don’t want that. I will not accept Escrow or PayPal for the remaining balance. Winning the auction is not an invitation to inspect the car and think about buying. Winning the auction means you purchase the car for the full auction price. If you would like to view or inspect the car, ou must do so before winning the auction.

The Buyer agrees to purchase this vehicle as is, here is, ith no warranty expressed written or implied. No refunds or partial refunds of any kind. Please remember that this is a used vehicle and even the nicest used vehicle will show some wear including scratches, aint nicks, tc.