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Make: Ford
Model: Crown Victoria
Type: Other
Doors: 2
Year: 1956
Mileage: 34,019
Color: Yellow
Engine: 292 V8
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Other
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1956 Ford Crown Victoria Additional Info:

Not just beautiful, but exceptionally rare, too that's what you'll tell everyone at the car shows when they see this 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. After all, less than 2% of '56 Fairlane production was this top-of-the-line Crown Victoria.This coupe knows how to make a scene the moment it arrives. The two-tone Goldenglow Yellow and Colonial White is a modern interpretation of a period-correct color combo. The result is a coupe that retains its vintage style, but it also showcases the superior luster that comes from a nice investment in paintwork. Fords of this era were truly distinctive with their sweeping chrome trim that runs all the way from the headlight all the way back to the tail. And it's the perfect way to separate the two-tone combination. It's easy to distinguish the Crown Victorias as the highest level of the already top-of-the-line Ford Fairlanes, because only these have the encompassing brightwork that visually separates the front and rear passenger compartments. The total effect of all the chrome and the optional fender skirts give this coupe the lower, wider, and longer feel that everyone in Detroit strove for back then. Of course this attitude is helped even further with a Continental kit that even continues to carry the exhaust tips at each end.Inside feels like a time machine. The two-tone interior appears just like it did the day it left the Chicago factory in 1956. All of the vinyl seems amazingly nice and original, which tells a lot about this car's level of care/restoration/preservation. In the highest echelon of Ford coupes, the rear seats received the same style treatment, and the roomy bench even has an armrest for individual luxury. The stylish door panels have a similar swoopy design to emulate the exterior trim, but this time in a high gloss black. It even wraps into the dashboard in a continuous sweep. As amazingly original this car appears, you'll notice a handy upgrade. There's an AM/FM/cassette radio for more modern tunes that fits into the original knob-style outlets. This was the year of Ford's Lifeguard safety package, so when you look beyond the stylized black and chrome steering wheel, you'll see some interesting items like the padded dashboard and the cool recessed gauge package.The Thunderbird badging on the front fender is no accident. Pop the hood and you'll find the proper 292 cubic-inch Ford Y-block V8 motor in this M-code car. That was an optional powerplant borrowed from Ford's ultimate personal cruiser, the Thunderbird. It's a not only one of the largest motors Ford offered back then, but also this one has been enhanced with a triple duce carburetor setup and Edelbrock intake. So you know you'll love lifting the hood at events to show off those cool valve covers and that power trio boldly sitting on top of the V8. Plus, the fresh belts, wires, and hoses not only contribute to the overall showcase, but also it's a true sign of careful ownership. And just to make sure you get the most out of this enhanced powerplant is the control that comes from the column-shifted three-speed manual transmission. But Crown Vic never betrays its cool cruising attitude. That's why you get a supple ride and automatic overdrive on the gearbox. You even have reproduction whitewalls to go with the bright factory wire wheel covers for the ultimate in '50s=style motoring.Quality, nobility, and exceptional rarity we know why this Crown Victoria appeals to you... and it even comes with the correct owner's manual. Don't let something this beautiful slip through your fingers. Call today!!!