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Mutha Fluckin 1969 Dodge Freakin Charger

Make: Dodge
Model: Charger
Year: 1969
Mileage: 100000
VIN: Xp29g9b293322
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: North Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

1969 Dodge Charger Additional Info:

So here I am sitting here looking at the junk some of you guys are bidding on and thinking to myself...what a bunch of dummies, paying bunches of dinero's for a charger that needs a ton of time in metal work and money just to get to a point where they can have a solid car. Now I build these cars from ground up so I know what it takes to do the work and can see the work needed just from pics on some of these piles. Now I get it you wanna save a charger...I love chargers and own bunches of them. Well...here's a big block, 4 speed darn near rust free mutha fluckin charger up for grabs and there ain't no beating around the bush or trying to hide anything. I've bought many of these cars and been burned by sneaky sellers. In this car here is exactly what will need to be fixed or heck I can just fix it before it leaves.-Lower rear quarter patches, yup you might be able to slip as baseball card through that rust crack-A couple rust holes the size of a pencil eraser on the inner sail panels...like forrealzies easy fix-If I remember right I think I saw 3 pin holes in the trunk pan and if you didn't make the jump over the lake it would take a real long time for it to sink-some dummy pulled on the lower core support to pull it and bent it forward, but easy fix-passenger leaf spring has a kink in the rear as it was moved by a forklift once u see the leaf-was parked 28 years ago because the ring gear fell off the flywheel and sat and sat and sat till now where it's still sitting. Now the engine turns over by hand but will need a new flywheel before trying to crank it.-interior is desert roached, from 28 years of desert sun-this is a complete car...I have the hood hinges and air cleaner-yes the 4 speed is not original and probably not the engine either due to the 4bbl intake (haven't checked numbers) but would you look at that shifter...who would not want that??? You know what I may keep that handle I dig it.
Now on a cereal note...it is a solid good straight car that any amateur restorer could tackle and have their dream car. It was born as a white hat special 383 2bbl automatic on the column, yellow with tan interior, light package woodgrain wheel 69 charger. I have included a fender tag picture for you numbers guys. Car has a clear title in my name. Happy bidding and yes I did make the ad humorous but it is a real ad. If you have any questions you can call me at 702 721 3635

My YouTube channel is "junkerup" and you can see my work. I take pride in working on American muscle (chargers mostly) and if you would like me to fix this charger for you we can work something out or take her as ur own and enjoy an easy build