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1993 Dodge Viper Antenna Car RT/10 V10 8.0L 400hp 450 FPT 6 Speed 5555 miles

Make: Dodge
Model: Viper
SubModel: Carryover
Type: Convertible
Trim: RT/10
Year: 1993
Mileage: 5555
VIN: 1B3BR65E8PV200189
Color: Red
Engine: V10 8 liter 488 cid 400HP
Cylinders: 10
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual 6 Speed
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Las Vegas, Nevada, United States

1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 Additional Info:

History First-Generation Viper RT/10 Roadster (1992-'95)

The Viper went on sale1992 at $55,630 plus a $1750 Fuel Tax Fee, it first appeared in public at the 1991 Indianapolis 500. Originally Dodge had agreed to supply the Dodge Stealth R/T as the pace car for the 74th running of the Memorial Day classic and that 300-hp, twin-turbocharged, all-wheel-drive coupe was more than capable of handling the job. But then someone mentioned that the Dodge Stealth R/T was in fact a re-dressed Mitsubishi 3000GT VR-4 and assembled in Japan. An uproar of sorts then ensued — American cars had always paced the race and a lot of Indy fans didn't want to see a Japanese car taking that job. So Dodge pulled the Stealth R/T off pacing duties and quickly cobbled together a prototype Viper to pace the race that year. So it's that prototype Viper RT/10 that Carroll Shelby piloted at the start of the 500 in 1991 and it's that car that currently resides (and will likely forever reside) in the Indianapolis Motor Speedway's museum. Another fun fact is that Dodge owned Lamborghini for a very very shot period. They used V10's in big trucks in Europe. But they needed a huge design change to put into a street car. That very short window allowed the Viper to be created.

The Exhaust- Outfitted with side-outlet exhaust plumbing gave the engineers fits. They couldn't tune in a melodious note and meet the federal 80-decibel noise limit. So the Viper sounds oddly like a UPS truck up to 3,000 rpm, then it just roars like God's own Dust buster." Note: 3k RPM is just hitting 105 MPH in 4th or max 5th gea, and it's just waking up at 105...hold on as it's gonna get crazy fast hitting 6th gear.

The Antenna Car got it's nickname from kids in that era with their radio controlled car's and big wiped antennas. The Carryover name was just that, carryover from 1st production of 85 or so Vipers.

Dodge didn't touch the Viper in any significant way for April 4th, 1993 except now you had a choice in either Red or Black, and now the addition of factory A/C to the options list and a few tweaks like integrating the radio antenna into the windshield and Viper Logo Badging on sides and rear bumper.

The “Antenna Car” or “Carry Over” did not offer AC and the antenna is mounted on left rear fender and NO Badging on quarter panels or rear bumper and Red was the only color offered before 04/04/93. 1St run Vipers could go back and get add-on AC mid 1994, the tell is the AC "snow flake" on-off button, it was drilled and mounted in dash, brackets were cobbled together in engine compartment to mount AC compressor, dash work to try and fit AC plumbing in an already crowed compartment...obvious add-on item, where the 04/04/94 run had a factory everything... brackets, compressors, hoses, plumbing, dash face plate and button that has more professional look then the add-on fix. These little details are very valuable, as many people have bought what they thought was the rare Antenna Car only to find its a fake.

The vin numbers (last 3) denotes the production # of that limited run of 500 and some suggest a max of 600 made. The Carry-over was to fix issues on first production run of only 85 or so. They ask people not to refund their orders and they will get the fix sorted out. The “Carry Over” was considered "first production" and the productions on or after 04/04/93 were considered the second run … offering all Vipers with standard Factory installed AC and antenna moved to rear view mirror. Making any Antenna Car or Carry over is a limited run of 500 or a max 600. And the last 3 of VIN # denotes that cars number in limited run. This Viper is 185 of 500 (or perhaps 600 max).

It's been said the "Carryover's were the best Viper ever built. Minimal fluff on this awesome 400 HP 6 Speed RT/V10 Full Race Car.

Buyer Be Ware: There's a lot of Vipers calling themselves a " Carry Over or Antenna Car. If you see a Pre April 4th 1993 Antenna Viper with badgering, the Viper embossed Logo’s on body…these are NOT the Carry Over’s as the Carry Over’s did not have ANY Badgering or Logos on front or Rear Bumpers or Quarter Panels. These embossed stickers were factor installed to look like they were 3D embossed in fiberglass mold. But the 500 or so Carry Overs did not have them....why, they were desperate to get production filled for prepaid orders. No time to loose at the birth of this amazing historical car.

Tires need replaced. Soft Michelin's are a smooth ride but rot quickly. I'd prefer P-Zero's or Nitto's for the speed ratin, but they are a rough ride. The trade off is it for performance or day to day. Rather then me choose new owners rubber, I dropped listing price a few grand to cover new set of high performance shoes.

Top: I have more photos if needed of to and all sections, I ran out of photo space on this ad. I've never put top on, most don't as its not attractive, several sections to assemble. It's not an issues, just never put it on, I'm not driving in the rain with this car, and with low millage the Viper only gets out every few weeks or so. NOTE: There is a small tear in vinyl section (see pic) any RV or Marine shop can repair that easy. Side and rear windows are lightly smoked glass panels, Top has folding arms for storage bags as seen in pictures. There's a original new front license plate holder still sealed in factory plastic if needed. I wouldn't install that, looks better without a front plate.

Clean title, Low Low miles (5555) Passes NV Emissions testing each year, last one was just a few weeks ago, runs excellent, everything is as stated. Thanks for looking. Cheers!

Ask questions and if you need more pics I'll email them. Several messages asking me to call them, but they gave no name and the calls I did make were sales calls and few trade offers and few scammers. Thanks.