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1960 Datsun PLG221, PLG 221, pickup, ignore 240z, 260z, 280z

Make: Datsun
Model: Other
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Year: 1960
Mileage: 100,000
VIN: PLG221-0-00118
Color: White
Cylinders: 4
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Porterville, California, United States

1960 Datsun Other Additional Info:

Okay, where to begin!
First of all is when is the last time you've seen a PLG221 for sale especially with the "early bed"? This bed was used on the previous year model ( Model 220) and was only installed on the early model PLG221's. I've only seen this bed 2 other times in the states. 1 is in a museum somewhere in the Los Angle's area on a 220 model and 1 was sold on "bring a trailer" several years ago on a PLG221 for almost $8,000. This is only the second year Datsun was imported to the states and only 10 units were sold the first year according to the Datsun Model Guide. Only 45 on these trucks were sold also according to the official Datsun Model Guide.

A little history on the "year model and vin numbers". Several years ago I contacted the guy who runs "earlydatsun.com" and he told me the following about the year models and vin numbers. You can see the vin tags have information on them that cannot be changed. They also have "stamped" information that was added after the tag was manufactured. I'm getting older but the story told to me by the "early datsun" guy was, the vehicles were shipped to the dealers with the tags incomplete. When a vehicle sold the dealer would get with "Datsun" and they would tell the dealer "that is the 118th Datsun sold in the states so stamp the vin plate PLG221-0-00118" as my Datsun is stamped. I also own a PLG222 which is also stamped as a 1960. I previously owned a PLG221 that was stamped as a "1961"! So you can see the model number has nothing to do with the year model, it only tells you the year it was sold in the states. My Datsun was the 118th Datsun sold in the states in 1960, which included cars, station wagons, etc. According to the "Datsun Model Guide" only 45 PLG221's were sold, period, 45. Obviously, if only 45 were sold how many can there be left?

Now for this truck. It's a VERY solid truck. It has a 1976 Datsun B210 engine, 5 speed transmission and the pumpkin in the rearend has the B210 gearing in it. It is still the stock rear end but it has the later model gearing. This means it will do 70 mph down the road (if you have the guts) but still looks completely stock from the exterior. The bed has had a little work done to it over the years as you can tell from the bondo cracking but if you look on the inside of the bed you cannot see any damage? The only real rust issue I can see is below the drivers door on the rocker section. Other that that I don't see any real problems.
The engine runs very good and the truck goes down the road great. The brakes work but one of the rear brakes is hanging up so I quit driving it. My interest lies with English Fords now so I haven't given the Datsun's the attention they deserve. If someone falls in love with the little truck GREAT, I will gladly help you load it on a trailer. If nobody feels the need to own it, I will store it away as it is now.

I also have a "1960 PLG222" and a "1961 PLG222". Another example of how the year model doesn't matter, it's only the model number that matters. Anyways, the buyer of this truck"PLG221-0-0018" will have the option of buying the 1960 PLG222 for $1,000. I include this offer because the PLG222 has all the stock drive train if you wanted to put the PLG221 back to completely stock. You would also have many extra parts if needed for the 221 such as glass, grill, fenders, doors, etc. This truck is not included in this auction but is available to the buyer of the 221 if they want it. It does have the later "222" bed on it though, not the rare early bed. The PLG 221 and PLG 222 are virtually identical except for the bed, according to "early Datsun".

When talking about these early Datsuns there is always lots of discussion of the vin numbers versus the year models. I've owned Datsuns for many years and the explanation from the "early datsun" guy makes the most sense.
By the way, EarlyDatsun.com is a great place to spend hours researching Datsuns.

This truck is registered in my name and is currently on non-op in California. I would prefer you look at the truck before bidding but realize sometimes it's not possible. I'm the type of guy if you win the bid and don't agree with how I've described it when you come to pick it up I will not hold you to the deal. I will keep the listing fees as I don't want to lose money but won't hold you to the deal. If you have it shipped without looking at it in person then I can't do anything about it later. It's a 58 year old UN-restored vehicle sold as is, where is. No warranties expressed or implied.

Ask any questions and I will answer to the best of my abilities.