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1973 Citroen SM -5 Speed- Low Mile-Very Nice Rustfree Project

Make: Citroën
Trim: SM
Year: 1973
Mileage: 9,999,999
VIN: 005D0452
Engine: Gas
Drive type: FWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Prescott, Arizona, United States

1973 Citroën SM Additional Info:

This is a pretty interesting ride. A 1973 Citroen SM. 5 speed transmission.. I got it in a package deal with some other cars up in Oregon.Which is why this interior is so nice.Really, really nice. Front and rear seats, door panels, headliner are all beauties. dash top has a split or 2. The wood grain vinyl on the dash is pulled in a few places. This car has been off the road in storage for years . The fellow I got it from had a shop in Eugene,Oregon do some work to try and get it up and running well again.They put a new rebuilt 1500 buck steering rack in. Rebuilt the brake system. They did a compression check and said all cylinders were good and even and no problems with the leak down numbers. Car smoked very heavily at cold start up so they pulled the heads and had them inspected by a machine shop and had no issues. Their thinking was that cylinders one and six either had collapsed or stuck rings from sitting causing oil loss and smoke. The fellow I got the car thought, and still thinks, it is bad valve guides in those cylinders causing smoke at cold start up.Which after car is started, driven, warmed up does not smoke again until the next cold start. So he had the shop put the heads back on, new gasket kit on and call it good. I think he was planning on using Marvel Mystery Oil or something like that to try and free the 2 guides. Might work, probably not. I do know when I started it to load onto my trailer, the thing smoked so much I could not see my trailer ahead of me. Birds were dropping from the sky, I heard fog horns, I heard firetrucks, I saw guys in full fire gear with Oxygen tanks crawling in low with fire hoses firing away. Or I thought I did.That smoke does funny stuff to your mind. Actually after I got up on the trailer, the great smoke storm had floated away and I could see again . And breathe again, But then some guy driving a Prius started throwing bottles and cans at me for mucking up the cold wet Oregon rainfall I was in. But that is another story. The fellow I got the car from claims the 57,149 or so miles on the odometer are correct. I have no paperwork or history to prove that, so I call it miles unknown.Though looking at the seats, the foot pedal, steering wheel, etc it may well be 57,149 original miles.The silver paint looks factory original. Sometime after the top of the car was painted white. Hood, roof and rear decklid. So it is 2 tone. White over silver. The body has very, very few rust issues. nothing obvious, but a few paint bubbling areas on hood, front headlight surrounds, lower rear quarters behind wheel wells. Excellent chrome, nice glass,.The factory radio in the center console has been replaced with some vintage equalizer with the aftermarket vintage tape deck mounted in the drivers footwell up high. And there is some high tech at the time steering wheel audio controls. This car has been off the road in storage for years.It may or may not need the engine bottom end rebuilt. Plan for the worst, hope for the best.It needs new tires. It needs some hydraulic fluid lines and or fittings replaced up from near the pump as it leaks very much from there. Like emptied the whole system onto my trailer coming down from Oregon.I was like the Exxon Valdez hauling butt down I 5 thru California trying to outrun the crazed mob trying to save our Earth. One leaky old SM at a time. I have some steel lines that came with the car. These are neat cars. This car will run and drive now.And smoke. And leak. The fellow I got iit from said he would take 50 mile runs in it no problem. The hydraulic system works slick as can be. Till you run on empty. He had like 4 quarts of fluid in the trunk. for a reason. This one would not be considered a driver by most sane people now. But I doubt there are many out there still at this price with as clean, solid,original and nice a body and interior as this ..Let me know if you need more pictures as I can only put 24 on Ebay. I might be able to help with transport as I travel around the West Coast with my truck and trailer. And no problem getting it to Long Beach shippers for 300 bucks if you are an overseas buyer. Citroen has straight clean Oregon title . This thing is neat. If I had half a brain, I would never sell it.