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Starion Conquest TSI Technica HUGE lot

Make: Chrysler
Model: Other
SubModel: Technica
Year: 1987
Mileage: 148,680
VIN: JJ3CC54H4HZ024082
Color: Black
Cylinders: 4
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Cayuga, North Dakota, United States

1987 Chrysler Other Technica Additional Info:

2 cars for sale in this listing, neither are running: For those who know these cars, the black Technica is the jewel of the two. I used to have several of these cars and had quite the passion for them. Both of these were purchased with the intent of restoring them, however between family, business, and age, I've lost me interest and Time for this type of project.
Orange car.
1988 Mitsubishi Starion ESI-R, currently no engine, but frame modified for a small block Chevy engine and transmission was removed. the Body is very straight and clean, the interiors is in great shape other than the holes in the dash for the instruments which were installed by the first owner. Overall the body and frame are in excellent condition but may need a touch up polish, 8" in fromt and 9" in rear. The front tires are good, but the rear MT slicks may live for a few runs but are weather checked, and in need of replacement. Also the trunk area was cut out for a fuel cell and could be rebuilt but at this point it would be likely best rebuilt with the same type of parts for a racer or simply used as a parts car.
Black Technica
87 Conquest Technica flat side with Digital dash. this was the Passion project. i Purchased this car from Texas and hauled it home. the car was complete, but in need of many repairs and had a blown head gasket. the engine is currently mounted outside the car, and has both new rings and bearings installed. all the specs are within very close tolerance so it was decided not to do a complete rebuild. there are 3 cylinder heads to go with it, all have been crack checked and are good. the one that was going back on the car is in good shape with perfect valve seating, and straight. it's a newer head with hydraulic lifters. i also installed new timing chains, guides, and tension with new oil pump. some if not all new hoses and belts were purchased but not sure if it's a full set, some are red silicone hoses go with a powder coated red intake manifold. from this point the new owner would have little expense in simply finishing the assembly, or taking the overhaul to the next step. i also have a full set of engine gaskets, head bolts, jet valve eliminators, 2 factory turbochargers and rebuild kit, 3 throttle-body assemblies including one powder chrome version with rebuild kit. tune up parts and some sensors. as for the rest of the car, there would need to be a little body work in the front left, but only very little, i have purchased all the parts to accomplish this including new hood, air dam, headlight assemblies, grill, and trim. so all the body parts are there for a full restore. I also purchased many other parts such as parking brake cables, speed sensor, interior parts as i though was imperfect, 2 full sets of window gaskets and trim, 2 sets of nice tail lights, rear license plate panel to replace the faded one, 2 factory radios both working and many more small parts. the interior is in fair condition, only the seats would need to be replaced which could be taken out of the orange car, as it has 87' conquest seats. also purchased all used, but good AC hoses, evaporator coil, new dryer, and at least one sensor. the car was also equipped with a mechanical engine fan which i had intended to replace with a the fan setup from a later model car, those parts are included. the tires on this car are total crap, but the rims are nice and straight, could be polished, or are pretty nice as they are they are. I purchased the missing jack, spare and wrench all in perfect condition. this car does have a title, and the interior electronics all work, and the belts move smoothly. everything that i checked was either in good shape, or a replacement had already been bought and will be included in the LOT.
In short there are many parts here that are not listed but there are just too many. in adition to the parts specific to this car, i have several that will be included from my past cars, for example: 2 sets of factory louvers for the back window, new in bod front bra for wide body, complete set of 7" front, 8" rear wheels, one 9" rear wheel, 2 very good condition rear tires, one perfect condition instrument panel for later model TSI, Velnas system "early trip computer{very rare}", replacement sunroof glass and hinges as well as many other miscellaneous parts. if you have any specific questions or picture requests, just ask.
This listing represents the last of my conquest/station collection, the listing requires that all of what is listed is purchased as a complete lot, the listing has no reserve, and all items must be picked up within 20 days of purchase. payment required VIA pay-pal