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Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Year: 1954
Engine: 355 CHEVROLET
Cylinders: 8
Transmission: 4 SPEED AUTOMATIC
Drive type: RWD 700R4
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Thurman, Ohio, United States

1954 Chevrolet Other Pickups $1.00 NO RESERVE RAT ROD PROJECT Additional Info:

NO RESERVE AGAIN! This is getting pretty bad. What has to be done to sell a vehicle?
I was just diagnosed with cancer two weeks ago. It has taken five weeks to get where I am now from going to my local doctor being looked at. Beingreferredto a specialist two hours away. Looking at me noting there is a problem. Appointments more tests finally confirming I have cancer. Thentransferringto a cancer center only torepeatthose same tests with a new team........
Just when I need closure the mostI have beendicked around twice over this truck. Something simple has turned into a nightmare. Now I am stuck in fast forward. In and out of the hospital currently looking at doing the first stages of radiation treatment since first listing this truck. It has been sitting outside patiently on the two previous deadbeats to pick it up. The more time goes by I will be getting hit with more radiation dailyalong with chemo for a total of 8 weeks. The further along I get will bephysicallyunable to do anything at for at least the next six months. That includes patiently waiting on someone not following through.
This is not something I had wanted to continuously deal with. I have had to put my life/family/work on hold as well as exhaust my personal finances. I have sold many vehicles some very high end in the past with NO ISSUES to a lot of good people. Sorry to have to put it out there like this. Not wanting sympathy. Just want to sell it. Now in a bind and will have to dump others vehicles to make up for not being paid. This is a serious no reserve saleregardlessof selling price.
I am loosing my butt and I am hanging it all out here so have aconscience. You are adults and I shouldn't keep stating the obvious. If you do not know what you are looking at or know how to buy something from a picture then you have no business placing a bid. Sorry in advance for the "Dick and Jane" type of description but not sure of the different ways to explain. If your onlyknowledgeof building a custom car is watching a TV show please save everyone the trouble and do not block other serious bidders. Just move on. Do not assume anything. If you have questions or concerns please hold off on bidding until you get the right answer.
I would like this to go as smoothly as possible for both of us. Above all Please understand what the words restoration is as well as project is. They are one in the same. With the RIGHT SKILLScould be rolling in a weekend or two depending how much work you want to do. What you expect for the outcome and your skill set. You will get what you put into it.
Next is easy. If you have questions please give me enough time to answer. Be considerate and do not wait until the last 20 min of the sale to ask questions. I also have a friend who is a national broker and finds the best shipping rates on the web and can assist after the sale if you are the winner and require it picked up and delivered.
Sale ending September 4th at 10:PM
1954 Chevrolet/GMC truck rat rod. Titled as a GMC and IS one. Which is a top level Chevy. This has the nicer one piece windshield as the earlier trucks has a two piece.. Hundreds already spent on this build as well as a lot of time. Put your spin on it and you will have one hell of a ride. It was purchased last fall and that when the work and many of the updates were done. Nothing was done to the body or exterior to change it's appearance.
The motor is a rebuilt 350 4 bolt main /Edelbrock/TRW/Holley parts and the transmission is a 700R4 4 speed automatic and was overhauled too. The motor and trans have had run time prior being installed in the truck. It was done by setting it down in in a Camaro sub frame and hooking it up to a radiator/headers and exhaust. At the time the exhaust manifolds were not sourced and I didn't want to keep installing and removing the motor in the truck. Once the wiring is done (is included and mostly mounted) it will be able to fire up.
Again motor is rebuilt or overhauled and does not constitute crate engine/over the counter engine or mail order engine.
Has new alternator, Hi torque racing starter, belts hoses etc. A new aluminum radiator and trans cooler. Upgraded master cylinder and power booster mounted. The rear end is a Camaro 10 bolt and was already in the truck when I got it. Amazingly the patina on the rear end matches the truck. Hubs have been updated to 5 on 5 bolt pattern for unlimited wheel changes. All new wiring kit has been mounted and needs completed to start and run the vehicle. Fuel tank has been cleaned and has new fuel sending unit. New drive shaft. Master cyl mounted and brake pedal mounted. Accelerator pedal and linkage mounted. I do not have a shifter and had planned on picking up an oem GM unit out of a Gen III Camaro and welding on anextension so it would be as high as the dash. If don't like the junkyard crawl an American Shifter brand is a good choice and they are less expensive then a Lokar.
The frame rails of the truck are GM and have not been cut to accept the V8. The correct parts were sourced for the build and as you can see looks like the factory did it. Most Chevy Truck Rat builds you find are very questionable due to the front half of the frame rails hacked off and a Nova or Camaro sub frame welded on. NOT HERE. The steering box was moved and the right exhaust manifolds were found and installed. Most avoid this direction and notch the frame again not safe. I have included pics of both frame rails and again looks original. Further most use S10 frames and you and spot those a mile off due to the wheels being further inside the fenders. You want a real rat? Use the actual 54 frame.
What I forgot to do is take pics of the inside of the bed. The wood was removed. The plan was to cut up some old signs or something to that effect. The metal strips for the wood floor and cross bracing is there. Bed sides and tail gate is consistent with the rest of the truck. Doors open and shut good and are not out of alignment. Passenger side glass is cracked and removed so it won't cause an issue when transporting. I have the door window opening shrink wrapped to keep out the elements for when it is picked up. Hood hinges are in the cab.To sum it up. This is a 62 year oldproject thatis modified and non running in its present condition. It needs a total restoration and everything to be mint it.
It is typical of an unrestored 62 year old vehicle. Do your inspections prior to bidding.Can be viewed by appointment only. It is located in Ohio 45685.
Wheels and tires pictured are not part of the sale and will come with rollers. Means wheels will be installed to roll onto your trailer just NOT the ones pictured. Again, wheels pictured are NOT available there will be nonegations for them after winning the bid on the truck.
If you need a shipper I can provide or work with yours. Truck rolls and steers easy to load. Selling as is and as seen minus wheels and tires pictured. Clear title in hand ready to roll. Please do your due diligence. I will not be held responsible for any incorrectness or errors or of something I might of unknowingly missed or stated incorrectly by mistake. Please be responsible and know what it is you are buying. Please have your finances straightened out prior to biding also have permission if needed.
Terms of sale a $500. non refundable deposit sent to me and must be received within three days. This is important. If you plan on picking up the truck and paying in person that is fine. Cash on pickup in person. (minus the $500 deposit required)Deposit must STILL be sent and received prior to making any trip. Doesn't matter is you are 5 miles away or 5000 miles. Deposit is required.
NO PERSONAL CHECKS/NO PAYPAL. Cashiers check or USPS money order OK. Most just send payment and balance at the same time and that is fine. Payment in full must be received within 7 days. Bank or cashier check or bank wire OK Cash minus deposit in person.If your game is to be the high bidder with no intent on following through it will cost you $500. to do so. I no longer have time for BS.
If you cannot wait until the sale ends I might consider something close to $6500. to end it early which at that I am not even close to breaking even otherwise bid to own.
Thanks and good luck and please some friendly advice. Take the time. Go to your doctor. Get checkups often even when you are NOT sick. I wasn't. I have never smoked or drankalcoholand always tried to do the right thing. It may save your life.Failure to do so could see your estate sell right before you.....or worse.