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1946 Chevrolet Flatbed pickup truck

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other
Year: 1946
Mileage: 1000
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Petaluma, California, United States

1946 Chevrolet Other Additional Info:

Started its life as a 1-1/2 ton truck. I bought it in Kansas on eBay in about 2006. I put the cab and engine onto a 1/2 - ton chassis. Built the bed from a salvaged truck from the same general era. Mahogany wood used for bed. I would call this a "mechanical restoration" as opposed to a cosmetic resto. Certainly far from a full restoration, but I feel this truck would be a great candidate for a full restoration. Engine was freshly rebuilt when I got it as someone's abandoned project. Engine is a 235 with Weber carb kit and Wayne valve & pushrod covers. I was told the engine is a 1954. I installed a 5 speed Chevrolet S-10 transmission with proper adapter plate. If you were going back to original, you would need a new driveshaft, as the one I installed is a custom built (shorter) driveshaft to accommodate the long tail on the S-10 transmission. I replaced nearly all mechanical things like brake cylinders, all suspension bushings, spring shackle bushings, had rear end rebuilt by a professional shop (found a NOS ring and pinion gear for them to install), rebuilt dash panel (now the lettering graphics on the dash is sagging but the rest of it is in great condition). Got a wiring harness from Jim Carter Truck Parts and installed that, with a couple of literal "loose ends". Horn does not work (no horn in truck, but I have an original horn that comes with the truck). Wheels including spare are from eBay purchases of 1930's "artillery wheels" - over time I found five that match. Tires are almost new incl. spare. Original-looking tires are 6.50/7.00-17's. Body is very straight, fenders are SUPER smooth which is rare on these trucks. One dent in passenger side door. Many miscellaneous spare parts. I saved most of what I took off the truck, no original engine (it sucked a valve and was donated years ago to a guy doing a restoration). Got a restored heater from a guy who does these, waited years to install it, then discovered that the core leaks, so I just bypassed it. I have some original heater and defroster switches that I think are correct for 1946. Also the heater was dropped by UPS and I never made a claim - just installed it, dents and all. It looks correct for this truck but i am not certain it would have been the exact one in 1946 showroom-floor trucks. The wood on the stake sides is just cheap fir, I would replace - but it is functional if you're carrying stuff. I have used the truck for carrying large scaffolds for my business. Windshield cranker is very touchy, barely works. Windows are hard to crank - but you can get them to work if you use two hands. I never opened up the doors to work on these. Windshield has 'bubbles' in what I assume is original glass - I LOVE these bubbles so I did not replace. No horn. Truck is now 12 V with a 6V starter. Installed turn signals (not original but they look nice). Pretty sure I have the key for the door lock. Aded "dual-action" fuel pump with vacuum booster - but original vacuum wipers STILL do not work right. Grill appears to be original chrome and is in fair to good condition.