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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS 59941 Miles Tuxedo Black Coupe 454 cubic inch LS6 V8

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Type: Coupe
Year: 1970
Mileage: 59941
VIN: 136370R227651
Color: Black
Engine: 454 cubic inch LS6 V8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: Hardtop
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Additional Info:

Real LS6/4-speed. Numbers-matching. Fully documented with build sheet, Protect-O-Plate, and window sticker. Original paint, interior, chrome, and chassis, engine never opened. An extraordinary survivor in every way!
As far as we can discern, the Tuxedo Black paint on the car is entirely original. It is in remarkable condition with almost no age-related issues. There are a few nicks and chips here and there, mostly in areas where you can’t see it like the lower rockers and under the rear bumper, but it is just beautifully preserved. There are those who argue that the car must have been repainted, but we’ve measured the entire car with a paint thickness meter and most of it checks in at 3-5 mils, with the thickest areas at no more than 8 mils. Original paint means no surprises underneath and this car is absolutely laser straight, without so much as a parking lot ding in a door. Panel gaps are just as the guys on the assembly line made them—pretty good but not perfect—and there’s a fantastic shine that holds up even today. The stripes are factory-applied, the emblems are correct, the original chrome shines up beautifully, and it even has its original T3 headlights in place! This could easily pass for a restored car at a glance, although when you go digging you’ll find plenty of originality.
The original interior is likewise beautifully preserved. Even the carpets are OEM-issue, removed for cleaning to reveal the original build sheet, then reinstalled. Original set covers, dash pad, door panels, and even the headliner area all in fantastic condition. The optional U14 Rally gauges are fully operational and include the original 6500 RPM tach. Only the clock is inop, but that’s really the only demerit. The radio works, including the 8-track stereo tape player and a case full of 8-track tapes is included. Even the factory seat belts are supple, not dry and stiff. The trunk wears its original spatter-finish paint, along with the original mat. The spare wheel is original to the car, and wears a newer Goodyear radial tire that has never been used, and the factory jack assembly is in place.
You’ve probably skipped ahead to find the important stuff, so we’ll lay it all out for you in detail. This is unquestionably the car’s original, numbers-matching LS6 engine, a 454 cubic inch V8 making 450 horsepower and 500 pounds of torque. We have carefully documented every critical number on the car and it’s important to note that while the engine has been removed and detailed, it has never been opened or rebuilt. It runs superbly, easy to start, good idle, and the mechanical valvetrain is surprisingly quiet. Correct parts were used throughout whenever possible, but we know that certain details are not correct, such as the power steering pump. Other parts, such as the distributor and water pump are inconclusive. But virtually everything else in the engine bay is correct, date-coded original parts. Here are all the details:
(227651 is visible in block 9, upper right corner of the build sheet)
Cowl tag
ST70: 1970 model year
13637: Malibu Sport Coupe
BT: Arlington, TX assembly plant
21783: Fisher body number
TR 756: Black vinyl bucket seats
19 19 PNT: Tuxedo Black top & bottom, no vinyl top
04B: Assembly date (second week of April 1970)
303: Data processing number (matches block 10 of build sheet)
136370R227651 (VIN)
H: Carburetor source (Holley)
T0403CRV: Engine assembly code (T = Tonawanda assembly plant, 0403 = April 3, 1970, CRV = LS6 with 4-speed, matches engine stamp pad)
RV1222B2: Rear axle code (RV = 3.31 Posi 12-bolt LS5/LS6, 1222B2 = December 22, 1969 assembly date, Buffalo plant, 2nd shift, matches axle stamp)
4: Build month (April 1970)
P0C24CW0: Transmission code (P = Muncie assembly plant, 0 = 1970, C24 = assembly date March 24, C = Muncie M22, WO = M22, matches transmission stamp)
133: Option codes (1 = power steering, 3 = power brakes, 3 = radio)
Delivery date: June 22, 1970
Block casting no: 3963512
Block casting date: K79 (November 7, 1969)
VIN stamp: 1CR227651 (matches VIN)
Assembly stamp: T0403CRV (T = Tonawanda assembly plant, 0403 = April 3, 1970, CRV = LS6 with 4-speed, matches Protect-O-Plate)
Cylinder Heads
Casting no: 3964291
Assembly date: P0C24C (P = Muncie assembly plant, 0 = 1970, C24 = March 24, C = Muncie M22, matches Protect-O-Plate)
Casting no.: 3925661
Tailshaft casting no.: 3978764 (1970 M22)
Part No. Tag: 3978766W (1970 LS6 M22)
Side cover casting no.: 3952648 (correct for 1970 LS6)
Bellhousing: 3899621 (correct for 1970 LS6)
Rear axle Tube stamp: CRV 1222B2 (CRV = 3.31 Posi 12-bolt LS5/LS6, 1222B2 = December 22, 1969 assembly date, Buffalo plant, 2nd shift, matches Protect-O-Plate)
Casting no.: 3969278NF (12-bolt casting)
3967479-GM (GM part number, correct for LS6 4-speed)
LIST-4491-1 (Holley part number, correct for LS6 4-speed)
031: Assembly date (first week of March 1970)
Intake manifold
Casting no.: 3963569 (correct for LS6)
Casting date: not visible without disassembly
Exhaust manifolds
RH 3916178 (correct for LS6)
LH 3909879 (correct for LS6)
1100837 37 amp
0B18 (assembly date February 18, 1970)
Water pump Inconclusive
Distributor Inconclusive
Starter Inconclusive
(1115)273 B-R (no information)
R79W (side terminal, see block 49 of build sheet)
The undercarriage is original, and if you don’t understand original cars it might seem kind of scruffy. However, to those collectors who cherish originality, it’s a wonderful find. First of all, there’s zero rust—original floors, rockers, quarters, everything. Factory spot welds are visible throughout and there’s no evidence this car has ever been wrecked or patched. Factory-applied red oxide primer is visible throughout, and while there’s surface scale on the heavy metal parts, none of it is structural or presents any issues. There are signs of maintenance throughout, with newer brake lines and hoses, but whenever components needed repair, they were rebuilt rather than replaced, so it carries its original brake master cylinder and brake calipers that have been rebuilt and re-sleeved. The exhaust system is an older replacement setup, the shocks have been replaced, and it’s likely this car spent some time on the drag strip, as it carries 4.10 gears in the rear end (it originally used 3.31s) and a set of air bags in the rear springs. We thought about removing them, but why erase history? Factory SS wheels are in excellent condition with no curb rash, and carry a set of 225/70/14 Goodyear radials.
Documentation is obviously extensive. We have the original build sheet, Protect-O-Plate, and window sticker. There are decades worth of receipts and ownership history dating back to day one.
This is an extraordinary car. It is not only a fantastic color combination, it’s also beautifully preserved and nothing runs and drives better than a car that has never been apart. It has been loved and maintained by an LS6 expert for nearly three decades, and the pedigree is bulletproof. If you want a no-questions LS6, a car that you can enjoy as well as show, and which lives at the very top of the most cut-throat food chain of all, this spectacular SS absolutely delivers. What a car!
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