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1994 Chevrolet Astro cargo,excellent condition,all repairs and maintenance done!

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Astro
Type: Standard Length Cargo Van
Trim: Cargo
Year: 1994
Mileage: 376887
VIN: 1GCDM15Z4RB220388
Color: White
Engine: 4.3 V-6 "Z" TBI
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Tan
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Salt Lake City, Utah, United States

1994 Chevrolet Astro Cargo Additional Info:

This van drives strong and tight! It does not burn or leak any oil, nor do I have to add any between oil changes. It feels more like it has 40-50k miles on it the way it runs and drives! The majority of the miles are freeway miles. This would make for a great work truck for your business! Up for sale is my 1994 Chevrolet Astro cargo van. This van has the 4.3 TBI V6, which is the most reliable and economical configuration you can get for these vehicles. It also has the 4L60E transmission which has always and continues to shift flawlessly and smoothly. Please read until the end to see how many new parts this vehicle has!

I got the emissions testing done on Wednesday August 21, 2019. I've never had problems with passing emissions with this van. The certificate is good for 60 days from August 21st and is transferable to a new owner; so you'd only have to go to the DMV with this certificate and the clean title I have, and register it in your name.

This van also has the factory "heavy duty cooling system" whereas many Astros did not come with this. This includes a factory "engine oil cooler" to help the engine last longer and a front mounted transmission cooler to help the transmission last longer. It also has the "heavy duty suspension" from the factory.

If you were to go for a blind test drive (not driving), you wouldn't think the car has more than 50K miles on it because of how smooth the engine runs and how strong it pulls, as well as how well the transmission shifts, not to mention the overall cleanliness inside, outside and especially underneath.

Speaking of cleanliness underneath, you can park this vehicle anywhere as it does not drip any fluids whatsoever, except for a/c condensation or if you've driven through a wet gutter or puddle.

The vast majority of these miles are truly indeed freeway miles.

The oil pressure is still strong and in the same range hot and cold now as it was at 75k miles.

This van also has a 1000 WATT (peak) VOLTAGE INVERTER installed under the front seat to run smaller things like some electric power tools, chargers, etc.

The steering wheel is an OEM GM Leather steering wheel which feels great to hold!

There are also metal storage bins, drawers, etc. for storing your things if you wish to start a small repair business.

I'm selling this great van as I have two of them. My brother and I had a food equipment repair business together and used these vans for that purpose from March 1997 until early fall of 2009 when he became ill from cancer. He passed away in May, 2010 from this horrible disease. Our business went the way of many others in 2009 from the bad economy. Since then, I don't drive a lot and don't put many miles on either van, so it doesn't make sense for me to keep them both, but it has taken me until now to even be able to make the decision of selling this van as I still have a lot of sentimental value in it.

What makes this van more desirable? I have changed out a ton of parts over the years. Especially after my brother died I changed a lot of parts and did non-essential repairs to keep busy.

The car looks good from several feet away, but has its cosmetic flaws, such as a few minor dings, some bumps and paint touch-up. The paint is not peeling as it has been garage stored. The interior is very clean and nice. The seats are in great shape with no holes or tears, and if the vinyl seats and dash are just moisturized periodically with Maguire's leather conditioner, this will keep everything looking nice for a very long time to come.


The windshield has absolutely no cracks whatsoever.

The brake pads and shoes are brand new and the rotors and drums turned as well as the front wheel bearings being repacked with fresh grease.

The exhaust is in great shape as you can see from the pictures as well.

The stereo in the van is a BOSS stereo that features USB, Auxiliary cord input (cord included) and Bluetooth. It can stream your music and you can make, take phone calls as well! There are four speakers (two dash and two behind the seats) and an Infinity BassLink subwoofer. The stereo also comes with a nice wireless remote, and has a removable front. There is also an XM receiver installed that you can listen to the preview channel, or activate it to receive all of the Sirius/XM stations.

There is also a BASIC SECURITY SYSTEM installed on the vehicle with a wireless key fob as well.

The tires are Toyo Eclipse and are in great condition with tons of miles left on them.

Although it looks like I've replaced a lot of parts over time, it was never out of breakdown or failure. I replace parts on my vehicles as I see fit in my mind as to the age of the part or how much action goes on in the part or at the slightest hint of trouble. Out of all the miles on both of my Astro vans, I have NEVER broken down anywhere and have been able to make repairs at my leisure.

The GM Goodwrench remanufactured (not rebuilt) transmission has 119k miles on it and was installed at the dealer, not some lesser quality unit from other places. It still shifts like new. The transmission has been serviced regularly with a new filter and fluid. The original transmission never failed and still worked fine, but I had a lot of driving to do in a short time and thought it best to do anyway.

The A/C blows cold air! The system was dealer serviced 18k miles ago with a new compressor, hoses, orifice tube, condenser (in front of the radiator), and accumulator and the proper amount of R134A refrigerant and PAG oil all performed at the dealership. The system works really well and should last a very long time.

The idler arms were replaced with TRW "Heavy Duty" parts around 2000, and these parts literally last a lifetime. They were very expensive and not manufactured for very long due to their $150 each price tag, but this van has them and won't need to be replaced. Any replacement idlers on the market do not compare with these idlers.

I rebuilt the front end with Moog ball joints and tie rod ends, and AC Delco drag link and Moog center link 16k miles ago. I have never had issues of bad tire wear EVER on this van. The steering gear box was replaced with an AC Delco unit 16k miles ago also.

The timing chain was replaced 15k miles ago. The engine was still running great and the chain was within tolerances, but I still had it replaced with dealer parts anyway due to slight play. Since the rear main seal was "oozing", I had the transmission pulled, rear main seal replaced along with new oil pan gasket AND oil pump while they were in there. While the transmission was pulled, I had dealer replace the front pump and torque converter seals and bushings along with the rear tail housing seals as well for preventive maintenance which should ensure this transmission an even longer life.

The dealer replaced the engine head gaskets about 45k miles ago, and it was caught very early, with the cooling system never running dry nor the engine overheating, just slight white steam from the exhaust. There was no warpage nor any cracks or valve problems. All of this work was done at the dealership, so it was done right. I have never had to add coolant except for this one time other than to flush and fill the system.

The fuel pump and sending unit were replaced at the dealer 12k miles ago.

I just recently changed the oil with Mobile 1 Super 10W-30 high mileage oil and a NAPA Gold 1036 oil filter. For the past 15 years I've also added a can of 6-cylinder "Restore" to the oil, which has been proven to work on many various online videos, and has sure helped my engines run their best, even with lots of miles. I used to use the AC Delco PF52 oil filter, and had extras on hand. But when they were changed to the plastic "e-core" filters with a smaller size and less filtration and technically for use only with 2009 and newer GM vehicles, I did a lot of research for a good alternative filter. I've since used the NAPA Gold 1036 which is the Wix 51036.

There is also a full-sized spare tire in great shape.

With this sample of repairs and maintenance you can see many important parts have been replaced and have low miles on them.

So even with a number of miles on this vehicle, I am very confident there is a ton of life left in it, if it is driven sensibly (no hot rodding or burn outs).

This isn't the complete list, but I can provide the exact dates and mileage of more in-depth repairs/parts changes and maintenance so you'll have a good idea as to where everything stands.

As a note: The ABS (antilock) system does not work. The module itself has gone bad and there isn't anywhere that will work on these older ABS systems. However, that does NOT mean that these brakes aren't just as good as any vehicle without ABS. There are several in my family like that. That brakes are very good, strong and VERY safe. You just have to pump them in the snow or on ice which is the only way I knew of growing up.

I have a clear title in my possession. VIN 1GCDM15Z4RB220388 $1850 OBO

Payment must be made via cash, or we can complete the transaction at your bank.

The license plates will NOT go with the vehicle. The Bill Of Sale should be adequate for you to get home or to the DMV to register the vehicle to you.