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1969 Chevy C60 Dump Truck, 26000 lbs GVW

Make: Chevrolet
Model: C60
Year: 1969
Mileage: 1234567
Engine: 366
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Mazomanie, Wisconsin, United States

1969 Chevrolet C60 Additional Info:

So you want a dump truck. A big one. This one will do the job, whether that job is landscaping, hauling fill for building, hauling hay for a farm, or just being something very different to take to car shows. This one can be yours, because I need to make some space for other projects! This truck runs and drives, and can just about pull a house off its foundation. The 2 speed rear axle works fine, but I have it disconnected because I simply haven't needed the low range yet. (Plug back into the fuse panel to enable it.)

The dump bed is a single telescopic cylinder model and works beautifully. I replaced 5 or 6 rusted steel crossbeams in the bed - the ones that got wet from the tires - and the wood on the bed is new. I haven't put in all the screws yet, but they come with it, as well as the hardware for the stake sides. This is PTO-driven hydraulics, too. Brute strong stuff, much like the 4-speed Muncie SM465 transmission and the rather fresh-feeling 366 long stroke V8 that powers it. Mileage is unknown but ebay made me put a number in.

Speaking of hydraulics and brute strong, this one is equipped with factory power steering. It does work, but this machine is big enough that there is still steering effort involved. There is a lot of tire to drag around with that system. Those tires are 8.25-20 and heavy duty, on Dayton rims. These are lock ring rims, but not the "suicide" split rims. As long as you inflate with a safety chain around it, you're good. That's exactly what I did when I broke down all these wheels to clean and repaint the rims. (That was an awful job. You'll be glad it's done. Trust me.)

The carb is an aftermarket Holley and has been rebuilt. It is still sluggish to open the secondary, so it probably needs a vacuum diaphragm for the secondary actuator. It drives fine this way, but will probably be a little quicker up to its slow top speed with a little attention here.

There is of course some rust. I put blue and white paint over the original badly-faded hunter orange mostly to preserve the steel in its current state for whoever works on this next. There are rust holes in the floor pan, but it is solid and driveable as-is. Some rust on the wheel wells too. Again, doesn't affect use but you'd want to deal with it for a full restore.

Lights - the dome light needs to be wired back in, the headlights are brand new, the taillights work, but the bed needs clearance lights all around. Simple enough. Slightly less simple is that one of the cab-side indicators needs a fresh spring. The wiring is fine but it needs a little more force to contact the bulb. The lenses are off of that one but they come with the truck. Cab roof clearance lights are new.

Exhaust is loud. I already replaced the down pipe fiber gaskets and studs, but at least one of the mufflers is rusted away. Fortunately, this truck can use the very cheapest and simplest farm store mufflers.

Electrical - it needs a wiper motor, and that's why the dash is taken apart. I have the instrument panel and it's in good shape. Oil pressure sender is plugged at the moment, but I have a new tube for it to feed the gauge. I have the original radio and antenna, though I wasn't planning to put it back in. The original heater control comes with it, but I found it simpler to switch to a fan switch and reach down to operate the air doors manually, since the plenum is in easy reach. The glove box lid is in great shape, just taken apart because the fiber insert had mouse urine on it when I got the truck. So did the climate control system - that was totally disassembled, cleaned/disinfected and painted. The heat works great, by the way.

Local pickup only! I will not even think of shipping this machine! Payment within 7 days. pickup within 30 days. Also listed locally, so this auction may end without warning if sold locally.