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My Grandmother purchased this vehicle in 1963 and we are the original owners!

Make: Chevrolet
Model: 211
Type: Sedan
Year: 1964
Mileage: 238361
VIN: 40211N104313
Color: White
Engine: 194 C.I.
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: 3 speed/standard/column
Interior color: Blue / Green
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Lexington, Kentucky, United States

1964 Chevrolet 211 Additional Info:

1964 Chevy II, 6 cylinder Chevrolet, Chevy II, 2 door sedan Model # 211- Purchased new on 11/19/63, from LR Cooke Chevrolet Co., Inc., Lex.Ky. for $1,910.43 by my grandmother with a cash payment and $200.75 trade in of a 1953 Bel-Aire. This car has a 3 speed column shift, standard transmission,6 cylinder 194 C.I., 5 lug 13" wheels,a spare & 2 snow wheels.Ordered from GM w/o ext. mirror/ radio. Everything is original exceptKY.road sign riveted into floorboard on passenger side to replace rusted out pans. Has rust through metal over both headlights and at bottom of fenders behind rear wheels, golf ball size rust hole on bottom of fender in front of driver's door, and 2 pea size holes above on top of fender. Never paintedor bondoed. Rear bumper & trunk lid slightly bent where bumped in early 70's, losing trunk trim. Rear bumper on rt. side bent where I rolled 5' into concrete light pole base in 1994, which also bent fender. Clean bend, no tail light damage. I felt so bad that I backed it into my old woodbarn siding garage, removed the battery, andnever touched it again for 25 yrs. until May, 2019.(It ran perfectly when I parked it). When I dragged it out of the garage all gasoline had evaporated and all oil was still up to full. Ican"t see any antifreeze in top of radiator.Owner's guide is in mint condition and 1964 owner protection plan book is in excellent shape and original sales contract is mint. Also a photo from 1988 with her handwriting stating floor was fixed - all in original Chevrolet plastic envelope. The engine has never been opened up and no major work outside of tune ups, clutch, u- joints, ball joints, tail pipe, muffler, headlights, etc. There is heavy rust on passenger's side trunk lid and rust all over, but steel is solid. I transferred it into my name (grandson) 7/30/01, five months after her death. I drove it before & up to 1994. Taxes paid up through 2019. Tax value $1,368 for 2015, $1,231 for 2016, $997 for 2018 and $897 for 2019 ($10.98) She kept it garaged after purchase (1964-1977), later I garaged it for 25 years (1994-2019). Not cleaned except to blow out cobwebs with leaf blower. It has 3 original hubcaps, original horn button, plus a 1964 Fayette County Ky. license plate (not from this car). GM verified AC Delco, PF-25 oil filter in box (1962-1968). Jumped it & almost started, May, 2019, w/chainsaw mix gas. My garage owner buddy who has built and raced Chevy's for 50 years came over to see if it had seized up. I had sprayed 7 seconds of WD-40 in each plug hole and let it sit 2 weeks earlier. The only gas I had on hand was40:1 chainsaw mix andWhen he dripped gas in carb, it cranked and back fired a couple of times out of front cylinder (stuck valve)? and wanted to start butwe didn't push her any further (carb possibly gummed up). Sounded smooth cranking.The only other thing I've done is sprayed door hinges with WD-40.The front left brake isalsolocked up .Windows still roll, ( I did not try to roll all the way down). Rear of headliner has come loose. Doors, trunk, and hood open and shut like a new car (solid and tight).This car does not have the word Nova anywhere on it. It is missing thefactorygas cap (she put alocking cap on along with hood lock and chain when weasels stole her battery in early 70"s). She also carried a small white homemade wooden crawler in trunk (included) although I doubt she ever used it.
Numbers: VIN on Door opening: 40211N104313 Cowl: Chevrolet Division General Motors Corp. 09B Detroit, MI Style 64-0211 Body NW631 Trim A-752 ACC Paint 936-12 Magic Mirror Acrylic Lacquer Block 383057GM Manifold: BackH2763? Front 38207826GM3 Contact: 859-252-8203 (landline) leave message.