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1970 Chevrolet Chevelle SS396 L34

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Chevelle
Year: 1970
Mileage: 98500
VIN: 136370L116956
Color: Cranberr Red
Cylinders: 8
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Kingsburg, California, United States

1970 Chevrolet Chevelle Additional Info:

1970 Chevelle SS396 L34 ZL3 SS396

Note: I will add better photos shortly... (Although she looks pretty good dusty too!)..

50,000 Or Best Offer.... As Is..

Shipping or Pickup: Buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for shipping. Pickup also welcome.

Vehicle Inspection: I recommend you come see the car in person if possible. Please ask all questions before
bidding. I will add better photos as time permits. Also feel free to ask for any specific photos you may need.

This is the first time in 20 years I've considered selling this car. I just don't use it enough. If a smart buyer wants to pay a
fair price and grab an amazing car I might just let it go....

I'm not a Chevelle expert. I knew more 20 years ago when I bought it. I'm sure the experts out there will find everything
that is wrong with it. This is an original car not a restored Chevelle. It has been properly maintained and occasionally had
small things repaired or restored when required.

Not a completely numbers matching car but.....

I have the original build sheet. I have the original matching vin stamped Muncie M20 that had been rebuilt when I got it(I think I have the receipt from the rebuild). Currently it has a perfectly working Muncie M21. Original comes with the car. I purchased it from the previous owner(See Below).

The block is not original. Everything is stock in the engine compartment except the added power steering. I have the original manual steering pulleys noted on the build sheet. This was added by the previous owner that I received the transmission from. It has the correct PS brackets and pump. He told me he took the PS brackets and pump off a 1970 SS454 that was in a junk yard back in the 70s.

Update: I remember being told by the previous owner that it was a warranty replacement block. I just looked and the block stamp starts with "CE1". Which according to some quick research makes this plausible. I believe this makes it a 1971 replacement block.

Years ago, I had the stock chrome valve covers re-chromed. I had the stock exhaust manifolds powder coated with a high heat cast color. They still look very clean.

The original trim code is 756… Black….

I believe the headliner and back seat covers are original. Front seat covers were recovered 1984 with NOS GM covers. I also have GM NOS in the box back seat covers that came from the previous owner. They were never put on because the current covers look great. The carpet was replaced in the early 2000s. It has a period correct steering wheel. I can't recall but I believe it was a style that came on similar year GM cars. I have the original SS steering wheel but its cracked. The original dash had a whole cut for a tach. I bought an original uncut dash in the early 2000s and installed it. The original dash is perfect except for the hole and it also comes with the car. The replacement dash has the defog option that is not correct for this car but I preferred the uncut look. I have the correct defog setup in a box but never installed that comes with the car. It also has the fiber optic wiper fluid option with the wiring. I had it hooked up at one point but it is not anymore. I can’t recall why but it is there. It has the original 8 track player that was rebuilt and works! Stock speakers are not installed but nothing was cut and it comes with the original speakers which were reconed when the 8 track was rebuilt.

The original color according to the build sheet is 5555 Champagne Gold. The original color according to the cowl tag is 7575 Cranberry Red. Its has been Cranberry red since 1977…….

Color Mystery Update...

I just looked at the cowl tag. Color on the cowl tag is "75 75" Cranberry red. The body number on the cowl tag matches the body number on the build sheet(Box #8).

The Vin number of course matches the build sheet. The color code on the build sheet(Box #44) is 55 55.

The paint is over 40 years old. It is RM acrylic lacquer Cranberry Red(Code 75). If I remember correctly it was the same paint GM used from the factory. I have a paint can that the previous owner gave me from when it was painted in 1977. It's not perfect. It looks amazing for its age but it has flaws. I don't know any other history of damage or previous paint jobs prior to the 1977 repaint. I’ve had it for nearly 20 years and it’s in the same condition as when I bought it. He owned it for many years except for a brief time in between myself and the person he sold it to that I bought it from. I will add as many photos as possible showing the paint flaws. From 10ft its a stunner.

I bought the car in the early 2000s. The person had just months before purchased it at the Pomona car swap in LA. I bought it without the build sheet. There was no guarantee when I purchased it that it was a real SS. I researched and found that Van Nuys cars typically had a build sheet on top of the gas tank. It was there. Then I knew it was a real SS. I received some documents with the car. Taking a name off the paperwork I did an internet search(early internet days) and found a matching name on a corporate website. Sent an email and to my surprise the response was from the previous owner. He was from Arizona where the car spent it’s early life. He acquired it in High School. He went away to college in SoCal and left the car at his parents house for several years. The car stayed in the garage while he was away until he moved it to SoCal. He had the original transmission, PS brackets, steering wheel, NOS seat covers and paint can which I now have.

Little to no rust considering it’s 50 years old and spent its life in Arizona and California and always garage kept at least since 1977.

D55 Console

F-41 Suspension, 12 bolt G80 Posi with 3.31 gears.

Original intake and carb as far as I know. I will include another similar carburetor that I received with the car. In the early 2000s I had the current carburetor rebuilt.

Great oil pressure and runs cool. The motor was rebuilt by the previous owner in the 80s. I have most of the receipts which will come with the car.

Cowl Induction hood works!.....

I’ve never had an issue. It's never not started even after sitting for a while. I've always done annual oil changes and regular coolant flushes.

It has a newer Optima battery and fairly new Polyglas OEM style tires including the spare.

All the gauges work. Since I’ve had it the tachometer and clock have been rebuilt. The printed circuit board for the dash cluster has also been

replaced. All the interior lights work.

It did not leak oil when I bought it. It has developed a small oil leak. I do start and drive it regularly when I’m in

California but I’m only where the car is five months a year.

I will add more info as I think of it......

Extras that come with the car... I will add more as I think of them.

Muncie M20(Rebuilt) numbers matching transmission.

QuadraJet carburetor. Period correct but not original to the car.

NOS Water Pump

NOS Fuel Pump

Manual Steering Pulleys and Brackets

Original speakers reconed.

Original intact dash with hole cut for Tach.

NOS Exhaust tips. The originals were crudely welded on to the exhaust pipes. Resonators were removed prior to me owning it.

I bought these in case I ever put it back to stock.

Original SS Steering Wheel. It is cracked.

There is more but I can't recall at the moment but these are the most important items...