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1960 chevy truck chopped 4" swb shortened 4" custom rat rod? needs finished

Make: Chevrolet
Model: C-10
Year: 1960
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Eagle Point, Oregon, United States

1960 Chevrolet C-10 Additional Info:

hi were do I start,,have id tag and titl, but it does have 1964 c-10 frame,, been working on this for eight years, sure 6000-8000 hours maybe a lot more,disk brakes,AC,PW,PB;
4" cab chop, was a short bed shortened 4" frame shortene, custom tail gate,hinded latches,hinded support arms,stakes been smoothed in,, door handels,arms,front bumper set back,,front grill set back,tailights frenced in front hood blinkers frenced in,hood springs and support brackets,everything pretty much don, custom dash,i did everything you could to this truck,body work 90% done,was finishing bocking out,all the seems have been weldedgaps are prefect, everything is flat,so many things I did to this truck, was going to make it a show truck, frame is 1964 chevy truck from short bed shortened 4, front updated aftermarket suspension, for air bags , rear frame notch, and set up for air bags,updated rear suspension partsheres the problemwent though 5 windshields trying to make something work, and 2 try's with plexiglass,was out of options,was making me sick,trying so hard,so tired working on this,not getting anywere,mite need a little work in the windshield area,it was pretty much ready for paint,i guess I should of work on getting a windshield befor putting in all the hours I did, I worked on this though cancer, loosing three family members,,im 61 and tried and hurt I have to give this up, maybe it could make a good rat rod,would trade for finished classic car hot rod,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,the running gear, 1964 c-10 frame,early 90s 350,and 350 turb, all rebuilt,12 bolt GM posi track,think 3.06 or 3.26 gears, updated front tube A-arms set up for air bags,P, rear after market parts,set up for air bags,disk brakes front and back,has new vintage air kit, upper outside vent was cut out and boxed in, to set ac unit up high,holes with vents on the inside pillers for air,,dash been totally redone,have walnut inserts for dash and glove box,areas,,center been cut out and finished was doing walnut roll up, like a roll top desk, would have all switches,stereo, ac controls behind i, have a seat bench bottom buckets top with center fold down for arm rest,have new steering colum, new aluminum gas tank for rear bed,new aluminum radiator,new wheels you see in pictres,have power window kits, been fitted, with 1/4" plywood windows, templet, no glass, have aluminum air tank mounts under cab, have air bags,no compresser,made my own excause tips to fit rear openings,they need finishe, door handles been shaved about 1/2" and the area were they mount has been changed,see no drip rails,alls seems welded,finished out,hood spring mounts have been change, inner fenders,firewall holes all filled i, haven't cut out for ac and heater lines though firewall yet, truck still needs a lot of finish work,truck is apart now,would put it back together for pickup,or shipping