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L79 327/350HP, Real V8, Real SS, Real 4 Speed/Buckets, Fully Restored, Crashed!!

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
SubModel: Chevy II Nova Super Sport Hardtop
Trim: SS Super Sport
Year: 1967
Mileage: 54,300
VIN: 118377W124XXX
Color: Silver
Engine: 327/350HP
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Salvage
Item location: Galena, Ohio, United States

1967 Chevrolet Nova SS Super Sport Additional Info:

1967 ChevyII Nova Super Sport

L79 327/350HP

Factory Super Sport

Factory Four SpeedTransmission

Manual Front Disc Brakes

12 Bolt Rear End

Rally Wheels

Reproduction Firestone Wide Oval Redline Tires


Black DeluxeInterior

54KMiles (marked as actual on title)

You are bidding on what wasONCE an exceptionally nice, fully restored/correct 1967 Chevy II Nova SS! Thisvehiclewas involved in an accident around 2008. It wasrear-ended, and shoved in to the car in front of it. Thankfully, while the gas tank was punctured, no fire occurred in the accident.

As the story goes, once the battle with the insurance companieswas over,nearly $60K was paid out to settle just the property damage claim of the accident with respect to the Nova alone.Given this fact, at one time it was purportedly afullydocumented, fully appraised L-79 Nova when it was crashed. Clearly, to have the insurance fork over thisamount ofmoney approximately10 years ago, some documentation had to have once existed. Unfortunately, in the years since the accident, time, and passing throughthe insurance company and one private ownershands, no original paperwork wasretained/passed along. The Novawas sold by the insurance company 10 years ago, and subsequently sat in dry storage for thepast decade. Was the vehicle bornONE OF THESIX L-79 Nova's? Unfortunately,unless the paperwork is found, or GM can suddenly document thesesixvehicles by VIN, no one can say for sure. I can say that not one of the six are documented/accounted for in the L-79 Registry as I spoke to the admin of that site last week.

Additionally, wecan say that is that it's a REAL Super Sport, a REAL V8, and a REAL bucket seat/manual transmission Nova. It hasthe correct3791362 block, the CORRECT & RARE 3903389 DC carb, and many other unique parts that only the L-79's were optioned with. The 362 blockhasthe proper recessed oil filter, proper casting number on the upper rear,and left/right side abbreviated "362" casting number.The front pad is blank, guessing from a rebuild/decking at some point. The cylinder heads are correct 1966-1967 ONLY 350HP/high horsepower heads, casting numbers 3917291, date F97, and F77 respectively. The intake manifold is the correct 350HP piece, casting number 3890490.The alternator is also the correct part number. The Muncie transmission casting number is 3885010, the correct era 1966-1967 transmission.The rear end housing is 3852980, which is a correct Chevy II Nova housing, however the date casting (L185) appears to be a 1965.

After the accident, and subsequent settlementwith the insurance company, the vehicle spent the last ten years in dry storage. It had about a half inch of dust on it and was recently pressure washed and cleaned up after being removed from storage. A fresh battery, two shots of starting fluid, and it immediately started and carried oil pressure. The vehicle is not running and driving, however, due to the punctured gas tank. A small auxiliary canister under the hood would be easily accomplished to start and move it easier.

When the restoration was completed(likely in the mid 2000's),fewexpenses were spared, as evidence of the detail items and past quality workmanshipthroughout. Everything from a correct reproduction battery/cables, hoses, tower clamps, proper air cleaner/valve covers, intake, and even the RARE & CORRECT CARB! Same goes for underneath, with details all the way down to the spiral shocks and restored/detailed 12-bolt rear end, transmission, etc.

Additionally, theNova's trim tagcorrect black deluxeinterior was fully restored and still looks as new as the day it was installed, from carpet to the headliner, seat upholstery and the like. The dash, dash pad, gauges, seat upholstery, door panels, and everything else imaginable has been replaced/restored, andit is all inlike-new condition. The front seat belts were apparently stolen from the vehicle over the years since the accident. Rear beltsare still there, and complete/nicely restored. Someone tastefully added some gauges to the right side of the instrument cluster as visible in the photos. The steering wheel was damaged/bent in the accident and will need replaced.

The car appears to be more of a silver colortoday than the original trim tag correct color of Mountain Green (code H)which was more of a silver-green color. Exterior stainlesstrim/chrome (what's notdamaged)is excellent restored/replated/reproduction pieces. Rally wheels, trim rings, center capsandreproduction Firestoneredlinetires are inexcellent/like new condition.
Theunibody, frame, floor pans, etcare all rock solid, and devoid of any rust damage, etc.Original spot welds are easily found all over the floor pans/frame rails. It appears that this Nova must have been a remarkably rust free body prior to the restoration as I can find no clear evidence of patch panels, bondo, etc that would be showing through the bent up trunk pan, quarter panels, wheelhouses, etc. The underside is clean, and was nicely detailed back when the restoration was completed. The car has been clearly through previous restoration with obvious rebuild/restoration of suspension componentry, exhaust, brakes, etc. The only damage I can find related to the accident in the middle portion of the unibodyis a dent in the right rear floorpan, likely from the driveshaft, or mufflerstriking it in the accident. The damage to the rearappears primarily limited to the area from the rear axle to the back. There are two accordion type kinks directly above the rear axle and two more much smallerfurther down the rail towards the bottom/front where the rail begins to straighten out. Beyond that, no other obvious damage is notable further forward.

The originaldata tagis on the firewall, and the original VIN tag is properly rosette riveted in place in the left door jam. The last three digits of the VIN are blockeddue toscammers.The vehicle shows54K actual miles and according to the title, it is believed to bethe original/correct mileage.

NOT included with the purchase, but available to the high bidder to purchase separately are the following black oxide primer NOS parts: Hood assembly, RH front fender, LH front fender, Radiator core support assembly. These are all NOS pieces, therefore they are not cheap or easily locatedparts for Nova's of this era. We can discussworking out a price if you are thesuccessful/high bidder.Additionally, a partial additional Nova shell/body may be negotiated in to the purchase if it would be of interest to the high bidder for parts/quarter panel etc for the repairs to thebody.

Clearly this early Nova will need extensive repairs, primarily to the rear of the vehicle where the majority of the damage was done. The frontal damage seems pretty light and even the radiator may be reusable and the core support may pull, butmay need replaced. The unibody will clearly require frame pulling/straightening. A donor body would easily provide for a back-half sectioning/repair. The roof and all pillars are remarkably straight and I do not see any ripples or serious damage in these areas. Right rear upper quarter/sail panel area has a buckle behind the quarter trim but straight above that and in to the roof area. Backglass is undamaged, and the trim all fits great around the rear window. The door gaps are a littletight and clearly some pull work would be needed to correct the door gaps. People are building some crazy rusty and damaged vehicles in all forms these days, so for a competent individual/shop with the right equipment, I am confident this car will be back on the road with some clearly needed efforts/repairs.

For seriously interested buyers, I can send additional pictures, includingpretty much ANY additionally requestedphotos/views, including undercarriage photos. Contact me and Iam happy to forward you these or any others you'd like to see.

----Please do notreach outif all you want to do is start a fight, comment, be negative, discuss your opinions of this vehicle,its value,etc, etc. SERIOUS INTEREST ONLY.

----Any "make offer" will only be considered, accepted, or countered if they are reasonable in nature. LOW BALL OFFERS will be immediately rejected.

I have been a licensed collector car dealer in Ohio for over 20 years, and I describe my cars fairly and accurately, no matter if it's a $10K or or $100K car. I have sold well over 200 straight axle, mid-year, and steel bumper Corvettes, and additionally, awide variety ofMuscle/Collector Cars.I typically sell 10-20 cars a year on eBay, and 30-40 a year through the MecumCollector Car Auctions.This vehicleis located in Galena Ohio,approximately 20 mins from Columbus Ohio. Pick up by the end user/buyeris preferred, understanding that big transport companies do notexactlyenjoyshippingnon-running vehicles, and/or cars with loose parts, etc. The vehicle does roll and steer relatively easily as a side note.

Non-negotiable terms: A $500.00Paypal deposit is due within 3 hours of acceptance of an offer. Cash is the only form of payment due at pick up. There are way too many fake checks (even cashiers checks) out there. If the vehicle is being shipped via transporter, the balance is due by wire transfer ONLYwithin 5 days of the close of the auction and the wire must be cleared before the vehicle will be released.This vehicle is SOLD AS IS, where is, with no warranty expressed or implied. Please ask any questions, request a phone call for clarification/questions, orrequest additional photos, etc BEFORE bidding/buying/clickingthe buy-it-now. Ohio Residents must pay applicable taxes before the title can be processed in to your name. Vehiclehas an Ohio "SALVAGE" title. If you are unfamiliar with your States practices, please consult your respective State to understand the process of rebuilding and titling a vehicle with a salvage title. Financing is NOT normally available for vehicles with salvage titles until all repairs are made and a rebuilt title is assigned after repairs are complete.

This vehicle is for sale locally and may be sold at any time during the auction. If you have less than25 positivefeedbacks, please contact me BEFORE bidding/clicking the buy-it-now. The vehicle is for sale on this auction for10 days. If you, or your representative would like to inspect it PRIOR TO PURCHASE/BIDDING, that can easily be arranged, just contact me, and we can schedule this. The time after the auction ends is not intended for inspection purposes unless this is agreed to prior acceptance of an offer.

Thanks for looking, and please let me know if you have any questions.