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Chevrolet 1950 Frame-Off Restored Pickup

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Other Pickups
Type: Standard Cab Pickup
Year: 1950
Mileage: 3,000
VIN: HBM50232
Color: Red
Engine: 235
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Colleyville, Texas, United States

1950 Chevrolet Other Pickups Additional Info:

A client of mine owned a Chevy dealership in Alamogordo NM. I was after him for years to find me an original 1950 pickup. That was my first vehicle and dearly loved it. Alamogordo is desert and I knew rust wouldn't be an issue. He found one in town that was one owner. Unbeknownst to me he bought it and did a total frame-off restoration in the shop. He bought a NOS 1954 Chevy straight six 235. 1954 was the first year oil injection was available and the motors last much longer because of this. This was done in 2005. He surprised me with it and I've driven it maybe 2,500 miles since then. It has been in my garage since then. It's never been in the rain.I used it when my kids were in school to drive them and whatever sports team they were on in the local Christmas parade or homecoming parade. I get it out every week or so to drive it around a few miles to keep the battery charged and anything from degrading due to lack of use.
It is all original with a very few exceptions. The motor as mentioned. It was converted to 12v. A custom oak box was built and placed in the bed to hold the battery. Every bit of rubber was replaced. The wood bed was replaced. All the parts he replaced came from Chevy Duty/Classic Auto Parts in MO. It has the push button starter on the floorboard next to the gas pedal. Three-on-the-tree (three speed on the steering column). All lights work as should. Blinkers, I believe, were an option back then, it has them. New glove box and ash tray is perfect. Cigarette lighter does not work, I disconnect it. One leaf spring was taken out of each wheel to lower it a tad. The springs are in the oak box if you want to raise it back up. All gauges are original and work with the note that the speedometer is not alway correct. Seems to jump around some. Gas gauge works from full to half tank then stays at half a tank. Heater works. Radio is original tube radio and worked until last year. I am assuming a tube is out. Original vacuum windshield wipers work, albeit reluctantly. I accidentally brushed against the passenger side mirror and broke the mirror off. It does have some scratches from bikes put up against it. The wheel brake cylinders leaked two years ago and dripped on the chrome wheels and left a stain. I had the master cylinder and all brake cylinders replaced after that.
The kids are in college now and I am ready to let someone else enjoy this fantastic antique truck. It starts right up and runs great. I would have no qualms driving it for a 500 mile trip. It drives straight as can be. The gasket from header to exhaust pipe needs to be replaced, it is leaking. No rust anywhere and never had any. I know these trucks had a problem with the bottom corner of the cabs rusting through in wetter climates. This truck never had any. All original steel body and frame. Horn in front of the grill and works as should. I have the original Chevrolet Truck Shop Manual from 1950. Clear title. The door frame plate was removed for painting and was lost.
Please ask any questions. If you want additional photos of something, let me know and I will send them. You are certainly welcome and encouraged to come see the truck or drive it. Colleyville, TX. I've never shipped a vehicle so you must arrange it if you are not local. Know what you are getting. One day I had a neighbor ask to buy it after seeing me drive it around. He did not realize how busy you are driving this. Clutch pedal, brake pedal, gas pedal, starter button on floor, arm strong steering, three speed manual on column, blinker that does not auto return. I absolutely love driving it and revel in the skill it takes to drive it around the city smoothly but if you've never done it, you gotta learn. There are are no manual shifts anymore and for fun I taught all three of my kids to drive it so they would know how to work a clutch, gas and shifter while turning. Big fun.
Oh, and for preppers, this truck survives EMP. I had a local looking for something like this that would survive and still drive when all modern vehicles would not work because electronics were fried. You can push start this baby if necessary and be off to the races.
Only problem you will have with this truck is all the people who roll down their windows and tell you how cool it is and giving thumbs up.