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Super Rare K-Code with Original Drivetrain & Body Panels, Everything Working OK

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Nova
SubModel: SS350 K-Code
Type: Coupe
Trim: SS350 K-Code
Year: 1972
Mileage: 59,631
VIN: 1X27K2W339642
Color: Silver
Engine: 350/200hp
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Thomaston, Maine, United States

1972 Chevrolet Nova SS350 K-Code Additional Info:

As to myself, I am a (67) year old kid that loves muscle cars. For my work, I am retired from managing a Correctional Facility here in Maine and had worked for the Maine Department of Corrections for (40) years. I am also a respected member of my community. I mention this only because of the value of this car and so that prospective buyers will have some idea as to who they are dealing with. Also, please check out my eBay feedback that is at 100% with (1,173) transactions. Many of my transactions have been muscle cars, which I have sold to individuals all over the country as well as Canada, England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Australia and the Netherlands. My reputation for honesty is well known amongst muscle car lovers.

Just some quick history on the Chevrolet Nova

The Nova started out as a car that Chevrolet needed to compete against the new compact-car wars that was heating up. The Nova was designed straight from the drawing board, not from any other car. Ford came out with the Falcon/Comet, Chrysler came out with the Valiant/Dart, AMC had the Rambler American and Studebaker had its Lark. Although Chevy already had a compact car (the Corvair), the goal was to come out with a car that would compete with the new RWD compacts. All of these cars were of "unibody" design, with a completely detachable front end, so that fenders and other front end sheet metal could be repaired or replaced very easily. These cars were known as the GM "X"-body line, bodies made by Fisher Body.

The baddest of the bad were those who opened their eyes (and wallets) for the right option boxes. The 1968 Nova was the first of its kind to receive an infusion of big-block power. And, in order to ensure that you got what you wanted, you had to walk the salesmen through the ordering process. The big-block Nova simply was not a well-known option and early in the model year was not even included on the salesman's order forms. If you had the patience and perseverance, however, as well as the right option codes, you could be the first on your block to have one of these boulevard burners parked in your driveway. Only two big blocks were assigned to the Nova - the L34 350 horsepower (234 built), and the L78 375 horsepower (667 built). Because of their obvious rarity, they are both highly sought after today by Nova aficionados.
In 1969, the Chevy II name was dropped and all models were referred to as just "Nova" The 350 and 396 became available. Headrests were installed, and the ignition switch moved from the dashboard to the steering column. There were a total of 5,262 Nova SS built with the 375 bhp 396 engine.

In 1970, the big change was Chevrolet's decision to slightly modify the venerable 396 engine to meet new emission standards. The result was a slight enlargement of the big block to 402 cid although Chevrolet still referred to the engine as the "396" or the "Turbo Jet 400" to take advantage of its name recognition. There were a total of 3,765 Nova SS built with the 375 bhp 396 engine.

1971 Nova’s were similar to the previous year. The 396cuin (6.49L) engine was replaced with the 350cuin (5.7L) in the SS model. 1971 also saw the introduction of the Rally Nova, a trim level that only lasted two years (until it resurfaced in 1977).

The 250cuin six-cylinder engine was now the standard Nova engine with the demise of the 153cuin four-cylinder and 230cuin six-cylinder engines. The 307cuin and 350cuin V8s were carried over from 1970.

The 1972 Nova received only minor trim changes. The Rally Sport option with special suspension returned and was a rather popular choice, with 33,319 sold. Super Sport equipment went on 12,309 coupes, some of which also had the Rally package. Nova production moved to Norwood, Ohio, where it would be assembled alongside the Camaro. At mid-year a sunroof option became available on two-door models. Also, the optional Strato bucket seats available on coupes switched from the previous low-back design with adjustable headrests to the high back units with built-in headrests introduced the previous year on Camaros and Vegas. Despite the lack of change, Nova had its best sales season in years, with production of the 1972 models reaching 349,733. Of these, 139,769 had the six-cylinder engine.

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1972 Chevrolet Nova SS Production Numbers:

Total 1972 Nova’s Built: 349,733

Total 1972 Nova SS Built: 12,309

% of 1972 Nova SS Built: 3.5%

Total 1972 Nova’s Built with Automatics: 151,841

% of 1972 Nova SS Built with Automatics: 43.4%

Total 1972 Nova SS Built with Turbo 350 Automatics: 5,342 (Extrapolation Only)

% of 1972 Nova SS Built with Turbo 350 Automatics: 1.5% (Extrapolation Only)

And now for my wicked rare 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS350 that I am selling here today on eBay. Let’s face it, there are only a small number of these original 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS350 cars known to exist and how many of those have their original drive train? It seems like all I see today on the internet are what they call; CLONES, REPRODUCTIONS, RECREATIONS and TRIBUTE CARS. I am not knocking these cars but my point is that it is becoming more and more difficult to find the “REAL DEAL.” However, if you win this auction, that is exactly what you will get, the “REAL DEAL.” Try to find another 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS350 that is an original SS with the original drivetrain. If they are out there, they’re just not being sold.

I know from previous experience that there is never too much information for the serious collectors. So, for all of you numbers people, this is for you.

VIN Number: 1X27K2W339642

VIN Number Decode:

1 Chevrolet

X Nova

27 2-Door Sedan

K 350ci 4BBL V8 (SS Nova Only)

2 1972 Model Year

W Willow Run, MI Assembly Plant

339642 Sequence Number (VIN Number)

1972 Nova SS (RPO Z26) Option Package:

· Special hood ornaments;

· Black painted grill with bright upper and lower horizontal bars;

· Black painted rear end panel trim plate;

· “SS” emblem on grill and rear end panel;

· Black steering wheel, shroud and steering column with “SS” emblem on shroud;

· White stripe E70-14-B tires on 14x7 rims;

· F40 heavy duty suspension;

· Front disc brakes with power assist.

Trim Tag

STYLE 72-11427W

BODY 246503

TRIM 751


4C A

A51 A 1 0270

Trim Tag Decode

STYLE 72 1972

11427 2 Door Sport Coupe Nova 8-Cyl

BODY W Willow Run, Mi.

246503 Sequential Body Number

PAINT 14 Pewter Silver Lower Paint

B Black Vinyl Roof

TRIM 751 Black Vinyl Bucket Seats

4C 4 April

C 3rd Week of April 1972

A51 Front Bucket Seats, Astro

A Black Interior

1 Amount of Trim on Nova

0270 Trim Options

Block Casting Number: 3970010 1972 Nova 350/200hp 2-bolt

Block Casting Date:

Block Stamping Numbers 12W339642 VO419CKD


1 Chevrolet

2 1972 Model Year

W Willow Run, MI

339642 Matches the Sequence Number (VIN Number)


V Flint, MI Assembly Plant

04 April 1972

19 Wednesday April 19, 1972

CKD 350ci 4BBL with Turbo 350 (SS Nova Only)

Cylinder Heads: Did not check but I do believe they are the original 3998993.

Carburetor 7042202 C2 DJ Rochester

70 On all pre 1976 Rochester carburetors

4 1970 to 1975

2 Quadrajet 4BBL Federal standards

2 Chevrolet

02 Automatic Transmission

C2 April 1972

DJ Old part number

Intake Manifold Casting Number 6263751 1972 Nova 350/200hp

D132 Thursday, April 13, 1972

Exhaust Manifolds:

Left Hand 3989041

Right Hand Believed to be original but covered by the heat box.

Alternator: 1102440 1972 Nova 350/200hp 37 amp

2C30 March 30, 1972

Distributor: 1112045 1972 Nova 350/200hp automatic

2B11 February 11, 1972

Rear Axle: N 12355421972 8.5” 10-bolt rear axle

JW G110 2 G 8.5” 10-Bolt Carrier

JW 3.08:1 Posi

G Detroit Gear and Axle

110 April 19, 1972

2 2nd Shift

G Detroit Gear and Axle Positraction Carrier

Radiator: Metal Tag IA AA DO

Exterior: The “code 14” Pewter Silver paint looks very nice but does have imperfections. The Nova looks to have its original paint but upon closed observation, I believe it has been repainted although I am not sure when. I went over the entire car with a soft magnet and only found one area where there was filler. That was on the passenger’s side wheel well opening lip. I do not think it was rust but more likely a bump of some kind. The “code B” vinyl roof appears to be excellent as well as the chrome and bright work. The Nova also appears to have all original and solid body panels. All windows are in very good condition. Tires and original rims are excellent. All exterior items work such as:

· Head lights (high and low);

· Tail lights;

· Backup lights;

· Plate light;

· Blinkers (front and rear);

· Wipers;

· Horn.

Interior: Appears to be original with the exception of the rug which looks new. No rips or tears in the seats, door panels, dash or headliner. All gauges are functional as well as the radio, heater and overhead light. Seat belts are all there and working with the exception of the driver’s floor retractor.

Engine: What can I say about the engine accept it’s pretty much all original. There looks to be a new battery.

Trunk; Super clean with the original spare and jack assembly that I do not believe have ever been out of the trunk. Original “jack instruction” and “caution” stickers are present.

Undercarriage; Rust and rot free with good exhaust. The only leak I see appears to be coming from the valve cover gaskets. If I do not sell the Nova, I will change them.

ID Photos: Everything you want to see is here.


Terms of Sale:

This car is sold “as-is/where is” with absolutely no warranty or guarantee expressed or implied. The information I have given is what I believe to be true, but since I haven’t owned this particular vehicle since it was new, I do not guarantee any of the information to be 100% accurate. Everyone has different opinions of things, especially automobiles. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure. My description is done in as accurate a manner as possible in my opinion. If there is any particular area of this vehicle that is of concern to you, it is understood that you have satisfied yourself enough to make the purchase.

A $500 non-refundable deposit is required at the close of the auction via Paypal. (If you do not have Paypal let me know through eBay ASAP.) The remainder of selling price is due within (5) business days of the auction end. All funds must be in the form of a cashier’s check, certified bank check or wire transfer. If there is no confirmation, the seller has the right to offer the vehicle to other bidders. The buyer is responsible for all transport costs. This auction and your bid/participation in this auction are binding contracts and will be dutifully, lawfully enforced.

FYI: I do not have a Maine title for this 1972 Chevrolet Nova SS350 as Maine does not issue titles for vehicles that are more than (15) years old. I have sold cars all over the country as well as Canada, England, Switzerland, Germany and Australia and have never had a problem. The car will come with a Bill-of-Sale, the Maine Registration signed over to the new owner and a copy of the Maine law regarding titles which is on a form issued by the Maine Motor Vehicle Department