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Make: Chevrolet
Model: 3600
Type: Pickup (Truck)
Doors: 2
Year: 1950
Mileage: 4,193
VIN: 14HRK6798
Color: Other
Engine: 261 Inline 6
Transmission: Manual
Interior color: Other
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Local pick-up only

1950 Chevrolet 3600 Additional Info:

In the 1950s, if you needed some heavy gear moved but didn't have space for a giant industrial-strength truck, machines like this 1950 Chevy 3600 were a smart choice. Today we'd call it a -ton, and despite a similar appearance to the 3100 series, real truck people will always respect the extra rarity of this workhorse.This truck offers just the right combination of utility, beauty, and functionality. Sure, some of these are over-restored into trailer queens, but this one's blue-collar roots run too deep. So instead, it has industrial attractiveness in its handsome two-tone green and black. Plus, this one has some great additional features like the sun visor, wood bed rails, and fresh lumber within the bed. It's the kind of features that add charm without going overboard. You see this kind of appeal everywhere on this resorted pickup from the Art Deco grille to the half-moon hubcaps. This dedication to keeping this polished workhorse looking so authentic pays off every time you take it to the car show and someone spots the bright 3600 badges on the hood sides and says, "I thought they only made these in 3100 series."The interior is still working-class all the way, but that's all part of the vintage truck appeal. The vinyl bench seat shows virtually no wear, and the same can be said for the door panels and rubber flooring. Pickups from the 1950s didn't come adorned with a long feature list, and that actually adds to this 3600's charm. This is part of an era where its heater was a valued option because it gave you a chance to warm up on your way home from working the day in the outdoors. Those are the kinds of things you think about from this truck's big airy and open cabin. You get to connect to a bygone era every time you grab the three-spoke steering wheel and gaze at the large original gauge package. Under the hood is a 261 cubic-inch inline six. It's an upgrade in displacement over what was available in 1950 without losing the iconic Job Master/Stovebolt attitude. More importantly, it has earned a reputation for being tough and reliable as an anvil. In a truck this unique, there have been some nice upgrades that do a great job of adding appeal without sacrificing the 1950s-style Americana charm. And speaking of authenticity, you can really tell there was some nice time and investment detailing the engine bay with the exterior green and black as well as painting the engine block and head cover a distinct gray. And you can still expect an honest day's grind out of this 3600 thanks to the motor's level of workman torque. So even if you're just out for a pleasurable drive, there's always plenty of power. For that added touch of period-correct fun, the motor is mated to a four-speed manual transmission, verus the typical "three on the tree". One helpful piece of new equipment is the set of modern radial tires. It offers more modern grip and adds real comfort to your Sunday drives.Complete with owner's manual, you're looking at a rare and interesting 3600 Chevy with the power and poise to still be a workhorse. So if you're a lover of distinct classics, this is that perfect industrial-sized prize. Call now!