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1965 Chevrolet G series custom panel VAN Hot Rod Rat Rod

Make: Chevrolet
Model: G Van
Type: van
Year: 1965
Mileage: 124,124
Color: Brown
Engine: 350
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Portland, Oregon, United States

1965 Chevrolet G Van Additional Info:

Chevy 350 v8 5.7L engine with T-350 auto trans....v8 was a little tight in the box, so some metal was cut out of the sides of the engine cover and some hinges and metal panels made so you can access the spark plugs and valve covers, but the seats need to come out first. The only interior is the seats, they were redone in a heavy grain vinyl with white piping and white baseball stiching ( stiching is begining to go loose). Had over the shoulder seat belts installed. Engine runs cool, has an edelbrock carb and an HEI distributor, and all new exhaust about 5 years ago, the trans shifts smooth, but the motor burns oil while driving( nothing too bad, but is something to be aware of). New manufactured leaf springs and new coil springs and shock absorbers installed a few years ago. Smooth going down the road. New updated fuse box installed. Has a Lo Jack anti- theft police tracker system if it ever gets stolen- it won't get far. New felt and rubber installed for windows and doors a few years ago when I got this. Tires are good- Coker radial wide whites ( never got new ones in the 5 years I've owned it-only 4 miles to work). All lights, headlights, wiring etc work and have been replaced when I first received it. Hazard lights flasher installed. Back up camera installed that works in conjunction with back up lights. Heater works, but fan needs to be replaced-just stopped a few months ago. Has been my DAILY DRIVER for the last 5 years to and from work, plus a little here and there around town( avg. 10 miles a day- joy riding/errand running 20 miles). Unfortunately the mileage gauge doesn't work- I got it like that and have no idea how many miles are on this engine. I put down 124,124 on this because the listing would not let me put down unknown. It could be anything. I've never washed it since owning it as can be seen from the pictures. This was a rat rod style paint job-brown primer painted on top of the original blue. As can be seen in the photos, the original paint is beginning to show which i think makes this look all the more bad ass. There are a few nicks in the paint being chipped, however the body is in AMAZING shape without any rust or dents. I'm in the northwest, however this van to the best of my knowledge spent it's entire life in the southwest. Only selling because I just got a "new" 1962 Falcon on a deal. If I were holding on to this, I would eventually have put a power brake system in it ( not necessary), a new fan for the heater, and a remanufactured 6 cyl smaller engine( as said above the engine burns oil-drives good though, but would do this mainly because the 350 engine is so BIG in the doghouse that the seats need to be removed to change the spark plugs which is a pain). Would have eventually gone back to stock. This van was a mess when I got it ( the body was the only redeeming quality). No seat belts, seats weren't bolted in, shifting gears didn't work, brakes were backwards, no lights, the leaf springs were lowered which damaged them so i had to get new ones made, etc- basically it was not driveable. After the purchase price, Lo Jack instillation, modifications etc( I put a 1965 chevy Nova bumper on the back, and a 1956 unknown bumper on front) I've spent a total of 36k on this thing. Crazy I know, however I'm not a mechanic by a long shot and payed for everything done on this. I have all the paperwork saved. Here is your chance to cruise in style. These vans are getting hard to find, and these are awesome. Everyone gives me a thumbs up and it's a head turner because of it's uniqueness. Ford econolines are everywhere but these Chevys are RARE. Only made this model from 64- 66. Imagine is Chevy tried to make their version of a VW Bus. Scooby-Doo van, surfer van, weekend camping getaway, swap meet cruiser, HOME, the possibilities are endless. Perfect to advertise your business, just add your name to the side- it's a rolling billboard that gets lots of thumbs up everywhere you go, and people love to take pictures of it all the time. Will definitely get you noticed. Got a tattoo shop, barber shop, hot rod shop, here you go, just add some gas and your off. Will accept PAYPAL ONLY. I've bought two vehicles off here and Paypal is the best as we both will have a record/receipt, free Paypal insurance, and we don't have to exchange bank accounts. Your bank is connected to Paypal which I will never be able to see and you won't see mine either. Deposit of $500 within 48 hours or its gone. Full Payment must be made within 7 days, and ONLY THEN will i FedEx the title and a set of keys. Because of going through Paypal neither of us can be scammed. It will be your responsibility for pick up or shipping. When I had this shipped 1,000 miles to me I payed about $800 to get it shipped ( just to keep this in mind). If you've never had a vehicle shipped before, it usually takes two weeks to a month( most likely) to get to you, as the shipping companies try to get as many vehicles to pick up in an area.Telling you all this because I was sweating for a few days until I got my title, then another month until i actually got it.