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1948 Chevy Chevrolet Coupe 2 Door Stylemaster

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Stylemaster
Type: 2 dr coupe
Trim: 2dr sport coupe
Year: 1948
Mileage: 50,000
Color: Gray-blue
Engine: 6 cyl stovebolt 302 cubic inches
Cylinders: 6
Transmission: 3 speed
Drive type: standard 3 speed on the column
Interior color: Tan
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Roseville, Michigan, United States

1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster 2dr sport coupe Additional Info:

This auction is for a 1948 Chevrolet Stylemaster 2 dr Coupe ... This vehicle is one that I inherited from my father at his passing .. It was in a body shop that was too far from my home so we brought it to Michigan and had it completed by a body man whom I knew .. I wrapped up far more money than I expected because for one I built the engine for my Dad and gave it to him for as a gift , second I sent it to an upholstery shop and never did ask for an estimate and it was the most expensive part of the project ... My body shop did a fantastic job with the body .... I have some new parts and some hot rod parts that go with this vehicle so that who ever buys it can either work with what is there or go a more modern route with the drivetrain .. I have an S-10 rear end with 3.23 or 3.42 gear, and a T-5 trans 5 speed with overdrive that will work with the addition of an adapter that is availabl, or you can chose to have the automatic trans adapter minus the tran, the choice is the winning bidders ...
The engine started out as a 261 stovebol, it has been bored and stroked to 302 cubic inches .. It has H beam rods and custom pistons for a 9 to 1 compression ratio .. The head has been ported and has a rebuilt rocker arm assembly .. A custom Comp Cams camshaft designed for max torque was also degreed and installed .. The engine also has been converted from a 10% oil filter to a 100% filtering system with a remote filter ...the crankshaft has been stroked from 3 and 15/16 to 4.220 stroke with a max overbore of 3.900for a final cubic inch of 301.9 ...
The engine is topped with a trio of Rochester carbs on an aluminum intake with 3 chrome air cleaners complemented by a Fenton dual exhaust header/manifold .. The exhaust has not been complete, but the hardest to make pipe, the ones from the headers to the area below the frame have been fabricated .. The engine also sports an aluminum valve cover and an aluminum pushrod cover ... The engine is finished off with an HEI distributor and Taylor red wires .. the generator has been rebuilt and is upgraded to 12 volts along with a new voltage regulator ... The last incredible thing as far as the engine is concerned is the tripower carb linkag, the engine runs off the center carb with a progressive linkage opening the end carbs at 2/3 throttle .. The engine was dynoed in 2010 and made 229 hp with 450 ft. lbs of torque at 2400 rp, the funny thing is we never thought to pull it lower than 2400 rpm and that was the area of max torqu, but the curve was higher at a point lower than we recorded .....
The rear end that is in the car is the original and has 4:11 gear, fine by 1948 standard, but not what you would want to cruise with toda, and that is why we are offering the other S-10 rear end to go with the vehicle ...
The car is currently on display at the Detroit Autorama in the lower Auto Extreme area ..
The car does need some of the mechanicals and electrical as well as other small items addresse, and I will make the list here ... the brakes are margina, I will include a ne, dual port master cylinder along with a 7" vacuum booster and the mounting brackets (it all came in a kit form ) so that the new owner can bring it up to more current standards .. the wiring must be redon, I have a new 12 circuit new wiring system to go with the car . the wiring to the tail lights has been run and the rear tail lights are ne, but must be wired .. As well as all the wiring for the headlights (new 12 volt halogen) will need to be wired to a relay ..All the bulbs in the car will need to be replaced with 12 volt units .. the wiring that is in the car is origina, and the new owner can either work with that or install the new wiring harness ... The clutch operates as it should .. the linkage for the trans will need to be modified to clear the Fenton header if the new owner decides to run the 3 speed tran, but I have it on good info that the original 3 speed trans will not stand up to the torque of the new engine ....
The car has been lowered 3 inches front and rea, it is still drum brakes on all 4 wheels ... The tires are for show onl, they are weather cracked and will need to be replace, the rear rims have no hubcaps because they can not be seen with the fender skirts .. The chrome on the hood badges says fleetmaster but the car is a stylemaste, the door handles and wiper scusions are pitted but we could not find replacements ... The hood latch needs attentio, it is not latching properl, the remote oil filter setup has one fitting that is leaking because of a defective or incorrect fitting .. it may or may not need a new water pum, it was leaking when we first put water in i, does not seem to be leaking no, but it could .. It has an adapter plate behind the water pump to use the original 216 water pump and keep the 5/8 wide belt .. the belt is a few inches longer than it needs to be so there is an extension on the upper bracket ... The doors need weather stripping in areas .. both the front and rear bumper will need to be replace, the brackets need straightening for the front and the rear bumper has been borrowed for the show only and will need to be returned to its owne, I am not sure if I have both bumpers with the car ... I have not tested the wipers so I will say they are what they are ... It has a spare underseat heater that goes with i, untested as well as the in dash uni, I have no knowledge as to if they work and will not guarantee that they do .....the interior will need some new door handle, and the shift knob has long since been lost ..The seat needs to be lubricated are worked to function properly as well as needing a new driver side release handle at the other one was damaged ... The car is not a show winne, it is simply a representation of a mid 50's hot ro, while the body work is great there are places in the body and floor pan that have been repaired using less than show car qualit, done by the other body shop ..My body shop here really worked hard to fix issues that the other shop manufactured and I believe that if you are looking for a car with this style and good looks this car is a great representation ... Withe the mechanical things fixed it should be a great cruiser ... The reason for parting with this car is it is not my style andI have way too many projects and don't have room to store one more car.. all info here is fully accurate to the best of my knowledge and there are no warranties expressed or implie, the car is sold as is where is no guarantee....... pick up in Roseville Michigan or we can deliver for a fee after full payment .... I will update this auction as I find time with any other info I find .. We will add more photos in the next few days .........

On Feb-25-17 at 18:49:32 PST, seller added the following information:

A few more things that we wanted to includ, the gas tank is ne, The head lights are haloge, the intake manifol, pushrod cover and rocker arm / valve cover are all Offenhauser ... It will need the 2 arm rests for the door panels and they are available .. The interior is all new from headliner to carpe, It will need new door sills to secure the carpet ..

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More pictures have been added .... Thanks for looking ....