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Incredible body-off restoration by Hendrick Racing, the best 1955 Chevy anywhere

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Bel Air/150/210
SubModel: Bel Air
Type: Coupe
Year: 1955
Mileage: 28,752
VIN: VC55B079595
Color: Teal
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Interior color: Teal
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Macedonia, Ohio, United States

1955 Chevrolet Bel Air/150/210 Additional Info:

There isn't much left to say about the 1955 Chevrolet, is there? The engine that changed the world, the styling that started a movement, and one of the most enduringly popular hobby cars of all time. For many, the first will always be the best, restrained in design and offering that same sense of wonder that car buyers in 1955 must have felt the first time they slipped behind the wheel of their new V8 Chevy and felt all that horsepower.

Today there are always plenty of 1955 Chevys around but this one is special: not only is it the very finest 1955 Chevrolet we've ever seen, but it was restored by and for the legendary Rick Hendrick, owner of Hendrick Racing. Yeah, we told you this was an amazing car, because you already know his standards are uncompromising and his collection of Chevrolets is legendary. And when he restores a car for himself, well, you know he does it right.

We don't have any illusions that the estimable Mr. Hendrick's ownership adds value to this lovely Bel Air 2-door, but his reputation for quality is visible everywhere you look, and that's what matters here. It's simply gorgeous in every way that matters. It's finished in its original code 612 India Ivory over Regal Turquoise color combination that's pure 1950s magic. Finish quality is off-the-charts nice, with spectacular bodywork that's probably better than new. The gaps are tight enough to pass the Lexus ball bearing test and there's not a wave or a ripple anywhere on the flat surfaces. Can you imagine the amount of time it took to get it looking this good? Wow! The doors swing open effortlessly and close with the most heavy-duty sounding click we've ever heard on a vintage Chevy and you can see in the photos just how neatly the hood fits to the grille. It was difficult to capture the turquoise in our photo studio, but it looks quite correct in person with a light dusting of fine metallic to make it really glow in the sunlight. Of course, all the trim was also restored to show condition and you can see how well it aligns on the bodywork. The bumpers shine up beautifully, the grille is ornate, and even the little emblems below the taillights show crisp details. None of that comes cheap.

It also carries a correct code 513 Turquoise and Ivory interior, with correct materials and patterns used throughout. The checked cloth is pure 1950s kitsch, which is a big part of the fun of owning a car like this, and the Chevrolet designers wen tall out to make their top-of-the-line model feel expensive inside. The big steering wheel has an ornate horn ring, the dash is covered with bright trim, and the door panels are a wonderful combination of textures, colors, and patterns that make a big difference. Correct materials were used throughout, including the beautifully bound turquoise carpets that also include a heel pad for the driver. There's almost zero wear on the seating surfaces, so it feels firm and comfortable when you climb inside. The wheel is fully restored, the dash has been painted to match, and the gauges are bright, crisp, and fully functional. There's also an auxiliary coolant temperature gauge under the dash although the engine doesn't get hot so it doesn't have much to do. You'll also note that the shifter quadrant now shows three forward gears instead of the original two, which is because Mr. Hendrick specified a TH350 3-speed automatic in his Shoebox. That's actually a really smart and nearly invisible upgrade, especially when the supporting hardware can be so neatly upgraded as to render itself invisible like this. The wiring is new, the heater and defroster work, the clock ticks away, and the only possible demerit is that the radio doesn't work, but we suspect something simply like a fuse and are investigating it now. The trunk is also finished to show standards with a reproduction rubber mat, full-sized spare tire, and a complete jack assembly.

Horsepower for the masses, that was the wonder of the small block Chevy V8. This 1955 originally carried a 265 cubic incher, but the "D" suffix code on the stamping pad suggests that it's a later 283. Regardless, it's been rebuilt to stock specs and detailed for show and you won't believe how smoothly a Chevy V8 can run! Beautifully finished in Chevy Orange engine enamel with a correct 2-barrel carburetor and oil bath air cleaner, it has exactly zero of the usual hot rod parts that you always see. Reproduction hoses and clamps, a proper accessory oil filter, and a 12-volt generator all make it look highly authentic. They even added a reproduction Delco "tar top" battery! Turn the key and the smooth little V8 springs to life almost instantly and never needs any help with its idle, even when it's ice cold. There's plenty of power on tap, and thanks to the aforementioned 3-speed automatic transmission, it's always in the meaty part of its power curve, so the Bel Air feels lively and quick around town. Finishes and fasteners are quite correct, and it even carries an accessory bug screen up front protecting the radiator.

Underneath, it's just as clean and well detailed, with the transmission invisibly blending in with the other hardware. Everything has been rebuilt, including the front suspension, which tracks straight and rides smoothly thanks to new shocks. The drum brakes are plenty powerful for the car's modest curb weight and a single exhaust gives it a nice V8 burble that's so muted you almost can't hear it running. The original rear end was rebuilt, fitted with new bearings and seals, and carries what we believe to be 3.55 gears, so it feels punchy around town but cruises effortlessly at modern highway speeds. Original steel wheels were painted to match the body and fitted with original-style hubcaps and a set of 205/75/15 wide whitewall radials, which are the most visible change from stock, but you can't argue with how well they ride and handle.

Beautifully restored with no stories, this is the nicest 1955 Chevy you're ever going to see. There are cheaper ones, but paying for the best always gets you better results in the end. If you want to win awards, hit the cruise nights, or just relive a good memory, there are simply no better ways to do it than this lovely Bel Air. Call today!