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Make: Cadillac
Model: Eldorado
Type: Coupe
Year: 1968
Mileage: 109,000
VIN: H8251549
Color: White
Engine: 472 V8
Cylinders: 8
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: FWD
Interior color: Black/white Houndstooth
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Dana Point, California, United States

1968 Cadillac Eldorado Additional Info:

1968 Cadillac Eldorado for sale.
Price reduced to sell this time around.
1968 is the year everyone wants. Cadillac kept the hidden headlamps with auto opening headlamp doors from 1967, but made a couple of major changes that made the 68 model a one year only deal. The coolest feature of auto headlamp doors went away in 1969. 1967 and 1968 were the only 2 years for the sleek front end. In 1968 though, they introduced the big motor, the 472. 1967 had the smaller 429 which was the same old family engine that Cadillac had used for many years and they wanted to retire it. 1968 also had the longer hood to cover the windshield wipers. They removed the cowl and exposed wipers in favor of a more stylish design and cleaner look. Wipers are never attractive. 1967 models had the cowl and wipers visible.
This is a relatively low mileage car and in very good condition. I have only owned her for a couple of years now. Previous owners must have taken very good care of her. The dashboard is beautiful with no cracking. The door panels are beautiful and even around the screws that hold the panels on, there is no pull through or worn holes. No cracking, tears, or obvious wear on the panels. The seats both front and rear look great and the power front seat works as designed. Up, down, back, forward, tilt back, etc. The doors close very nice and tight. The windows operate smoothly...including the rear quarter windows. The car starts every time and drives fantastic. Set the choke when it is cold and it starts at high idle. Bump the throttle and it will drop back down once it is warmed up. The weather stripping is still soft and very nice. The radio works as designed and the power antenna operates as a Cadillac by pulling out the knob or pushing it back in. The air conditioning blows cold. Yes, cold. Turn signals work although sometimes the lever will fall back to the neutral position when signaling right. I suspect the plastic switch inside the column may be getting worn. I have a new one ready to be installed. The lights all work and blink as they should. The headlamp doors work but one will open up after a couple minutes of the car being turned off. They work as flawlessly when the engine is running. The vacuum door locks work well as does the trunk remote release in the glove box.This particular car is also a disc brake car. The first 2 years used a 4 piston floating caliper design. They ALWAYS seize up. In 1969, Cadillac updated to the 2 piston design used for all 1970's. This car had the same problem back when I bought her. Now it has a fresh set of calipers, brake pads, and freshly machined rotors. The car brakes smoothly and without vibration or pulling.
This is also a full power window car. Many had a crazy option of power front windows and manual rears. If you know the Eldos, you know how cool the rear windows operate. They do not move down into the quarter panel like a Grand Prix, Riviera, or other Cadillac model, Rather, they move backwards into the C pillar. This particular car has very smooth working windows.
The engine runs great and transmission shifts great. The tires are in great shape and again, if you know these cars, it is crazy that the front tires are supposed to be set at only 25 psi and the rears only at 22 psi according to the door plate. I assume they wanted that smooth Cadillac ride and all the weight in the front due to the front wheel drive may have been a factor.
This car rides smoothly down the freeway at high speeds. I would not hesitate to get in and drive a long distance. She has never overheated on me and I have never seen the temperature rise above about a quarter of the gauge sweep. Fuel gauge works as it should.
Some minor maintenance work over the past year includes an upgrade to electronic ignition so points and condenser are not an issue any more. This upgrade included plugs, wires, cap, rotor, and coil when it was done. I mentioned the new brakes in an earlier paragraph. Power steering pump not too long ago. She also had a new carburetor installed at the same time. Recent expansion valve, POA valve, and receiver/drier for the AC system. New AC Delco front shocks up front and also new AC Delco air adjustable shocks out back.
The factory steering wheel is professionally leather wrapped.
The most recent work was due to an exhaust leak at the manifold to head. Unfortunately, this work creeped into a larger job due to exhaust bolts breaking in the heads. I could not live with the exhaust "ticking" and knew there was only one right way to repair it. The heads had to come off so a machine shop could properly get the broken exhaust bolts out and also to make sure everything was really right. Heads had a valve job done while off. All new exhaust bolts, machined exhaust manifold to head surfaces, intake gasket, valve cover gaskets, etc. New lifters were installed since they were easily accessible when the top of the engine was off. Now she runs quiet and smooth again and if anyone in the future had to get in there for some reason, all is good, fresh, and right.
The paint on the car is now very fresh. She had some chips and imperfections but I had her repainted the factory stock color. There is no rust or cancer on the car. The floors are solid. The fenders and quarters are also 100% solid. The paint is very nice. You can see the reflections in the hood and trunk pictures. The top is in great shape.
The Eldorado also has a Cadillac tissue dispenser which are fetching a few hundred dollars these days if you had to locate one.
The car is in Southern California. Halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles on the coast. It is registered and insured in California IN MY NAME. I drive the car to work a few times a week so the mileage may vary a bit.