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1984 Buick Regal *CLONED* TO A GRAND NATIONAL /CLONED to 1987 GN

Make: Buick
Model: Grand National
Year: 1984
Mileage: 57,000
VIN: 1G4AM47AXEH515767
Engine: 3.8
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Hudson, New Hampshire, United States

1984 Buick Grand National Additional Info:

THIS IS A 1984 BUICK REGAL THAT HAS BEEN CLONED TO A 1987 GRAND NATIONAL! REPEAT>>>>NOT GENUINE GRAND NATIONAL! Look at the genuine Grand Nationals selling in this price range and compare! This car looks like the Grand Nationals selling for $30,000-$40,000. The Grand Nationals in this price range are all rotted out and look like there are animals living in the interior! Why spend all that money on a car that looks like it was raised with the Titanic? This may be a CLONE but it;s far better looking then any Grand National I have seen within the $15,000 price range! The clone was started by the previous owner that I bought the car from. All work has been professionally done! There is not a bit of rust that I could find. The doors have been re-skinned with HIGHWAY STARS Grand National skins. The dashboard, lower door panels, rear panels, all trimming, steering column, center console as well as both the front bucket seats and rear seats are ALL from a 1987 Grand National. I paid a might pretty penny for the stuff too! The steering column pictured is still in the car and is a regular regal column, but the Grand National column as well as the middle console (not installed yet) will both be included in the sale, but you will need to install them. The upper door panels are from Gbody.com as well as the middle rear "sails". The paint on this beauty is only a couple years old and aside from needing a quick buff, its flawless. By flawless I mean it is a mirror image and there are no major scratches and certainly no rust or rot. In fact I couldn't find any minor scratches but the usual mark from this or that will buff right out.The body is laser straight!All this sitting on new American Racing wheels.The motor is a 3.8 but DOES NOT have the turbo! I will include a used after market turbo I was planning on installing if the selling price is high enough. I will make that decision later.The car is over 30 years old so the weather stripping is dry. I will include the weather stripping I just bought, but it is not installed yet.She does run a bit rough when she is first started in cold weather, but when she warms up or the weather turns to anything warmer than "Damn it's freezing out" she runs fine. I always had her covered or garaged for the short amount of time I have been the owner. If I had to guess I would say I put less than 1,000 miles on. I always started and ran the car for a short period over the winter, but never drove in the RAIN, let alone the SNOW! I did not save all my receipts since this car is my baby and was never ever planning on selling it, but life has thrown me some curve balls and I have always had trouble with the curve. Anyone with even a small idea of what these cars go for and what they cost to work on will be able to see the tens of thousands of dollars put into this car. The Grand National hood alone was $600 the Turbo Buick hood insulator was another $400. That's just an extremely small taste of how much is in this car!If you put this car next to any other Grand National, the only way to tell them apart is this car is much better looking. I really hate having to sell, but my loss is your gain. Buyer is responsible for setting up all shipping as well as the cost of all shipping, REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT SAYS THE SHIPPING COST WILL BE. Ebay makes you put something in for a shipping cost, but I can't tell you what its going to cost since I don't know where you live or what company you are going to use. Best of luck and please ask any questions before bidding.
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