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E31 V-12 Touring Coupe, Clean, Very Good Condition

Make: BMW
Model: 8-Series
Type: Coupe
Trim: 850i
Year: 1991
Mileage: 141000
VIN: WBAEG2313MCB72089
Color: Silver
Engine: 5.0L V-12 (M70)
Cylinders: 12
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Gray
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Spanaway, Washington, United States

1991 BMW 8-Series 850i Additional Info:

I have for sale an extremely well maintained 1991 BMW 850i with a clean title in my name. The car is in overall great condition on the exterior and interior. The car is originally a Canadian model so it is in kilometers and was imported by myself and registered in Washington with zero issues as it is over 25 years old. This car is a piece of history and I would like to let it go to someone who will care for it like the previous owners and I have.
For individuals that don't know, the car has a v12 engine (M70B50) and this one in particular is mated to a 4 speed automatic. The engine has had extensive maintenance including having a block from a 1992 850i stripped to the pistons and everything replaced and properly lubricated and assembled by a professional BMW shop up in Vancouver (23k miles ago). The car also has a new transmission installed that was from a 1992 BMW 850i that was rebuilt by a transmission shop in Arizona and shipped as they specialize in the rebuild of 8 series parts (26k miles ago). The car also has Shrick cams installed along with having gutted catalytic converters and an aftermarket cat back exhaust that sounds amazing but doesn't drone. The Shrick cams have a large effect on the engine performance especially above 4000 rpms but do not increase the likelihood of excessive wear and tear on drivetrain components. All maintenance and aftermarket upgrades have been performed by mechanics specializing in BMWs.
The car also has aftermarket engine and transmission chips which increase both shifting speed and engine response. The wheels are AC Schnitzer's with almost new Michelin tires on all 4 corners. I also have the original turbine wheels (style 9) that will be included with the sale.
The car has a folder of associated maintenance documents ranging back all the way to 2000 and the previous owner owned the car for over 10 years. I have a Carfax for the car that I obtained before purchasing the vehicle and it shows zero accidents in the vehicles history. I also have the original driver's manual and 2 keys for the vehicle. Of note the rear bumper was bumped into at low speeds in a parking lot. The 850 was parked and it did no structural damage to the bumper however there is some slight fracturing in the paint. You wouldn'tnotice it unless you were looking for it and nothing is chipped.
When I purchased the car I changed the engine oil, front right fog lamp and hood struts as the old ones were worn. If you have any questions on maintenance that has been performed please ask or refer to the attached sheet where I will have most of the documented services listed.
The car has no check engine lights however it has check light that indicates a tail lightbulb is out. Everything in the interior functions as it should. All 4 power windows work, both power locks work, electric seat heaters and seat adjustments all function properly, radio and all dash lights work great. The interior seats do show a good deal of wear and some cracking but have not lost how firm they are and I ensure to get in and out of the vehicle with care as to not create more wear. I am also missing the driver side floor mat but I found a guy that can make me one to match the interior so I am working on that.
The exterior paint of the car is in very good shape with no door dings or major dents. There is a few paint chips and 3 very small areas where the paint is bubbling but it not spreading as I store the car in a garage and try to never drive it in the rain. The undercarriage is in great shape with very little signs of rust or corrosion.
If you have any questions about the car or need any more pictures I will answer/ take them promptly. I care for this care more than any other in my collection because it is a piece of history I would like to keep in fantastic condition.
The car may be over 27 years old but it really doesn't show signs of it. The design and is timeless and the options BMW put into this vehicle still have it up to date with current cars on the market. If you are looking at purchasing this vehicle I assume you know what it is and what it is worth. I don't want to just let this vehicle go to anyone so if you contact me please be prompt and forward and I will do the same with you.
You might find other 850s or 840s that are priced lower but that is for good reason. They will not have had the care and attention that this car has received and that will only cost you more down the road. I would not hesitate to drive this car across the country and despite what people say this v12 powertrain is a bulletproof design that really isn't that hard to work on and there is a ton of support out there for any known issues.
I have disclosed just about everything I can think of offhand because I want you to know exactly what you are getting before you even come look at the car. I don't want you to have any surprises because when I ask a premium price, you should expect a premium vehicle.
Here are some video links to the vehicle including an acceleration, walk around, driving and exhaust note.
Walk Around -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLMiRhLXS0w
Exhaust -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BRqPn_kMp9E
Acceleration -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RnWQWFGdrzk
Drive -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8UW8LXVtleE&t=3s
03/07/2000 93,905 Km, (58,349 miles) - Heater core replacement, Oil change
10/25/2000 113,250 km, (70,370 miles) - Control arm bushings, Alignment, Front Brakes, fuel filter, transmission filter and fluid, oil change, air filter
03/08/2001 114,931 km, (71,414 miles) - Water pump and thermostat replaced
06/29/2001 121,250 km, (75341 miles) - oil change, brake fluid flush and fill, ebrake/ rear pads replaced
08/20/2001 123,211 km, (76,559 miles) - transmission mount, head gasket, heads checked for flatness, spark plugs, a/c maintained, oil change, power steering fluid change,
08/22/2001 123,332 km, (76,634 miles) - heater valve change, fan clutch replaced
12/12/2001 128,334 km, (79,743 miles) - oil change, belt tensioners replaced, 4 wheel alignment
12/28/2001 128,951 km, (80126 miles) - brake booster replaced
03/18/2002 132,087 km, (82,075 miles) - oil change, shocks checked
03/25/2002 132,363 km, (82,246 miles) - Bilstein front and rear shocks installed
06/28/2002 136,990 km, (85,121 miles) - both pcv valves changed, transmission service, oil change, suspension bolts checked and tightened as needed
10/23/2002 142,931 km, (88813 miles) - axle shaft boots replaced
10/25/2002 142,950 km, (88,825 miles) - oil change, fuel hose replaced
09/06/2007 179,542 km, (111,562 miles) - both distributor caps replaced, fuel pressure regulator replaced, intake manifold gaskets replaced
09/21/2007 No mileage on invoice - oil change
09/27/2007 No mileage on invoice - mass airflow sensor replaced
10/01/2007 181,000 km, (112,468 miles) - fuel regulator replaced, tire rods replaced, thrust rod bearings replaced, trans selector seal replaced, 4 wheel alignment, air filter replaced, spark plugs, oil change, transmission filter and fluid
10/01/2007 181,300 km, (112,654 miles) - DME and EGS engine and transmission chips installed
10/ 04/ 2007 181,450 km, (112,747 miles) - injector seals replaced, belt tensioner replaced
11/23/2007 183,500 km, (114,021 miles) - Rebuilt differential installed, rear left wheel bearing replaced, rear upper ball joints replaced
12/12/2007 - 03/27/2008 183, 500 km, (114,021 miles) Major Service of vehicle components to follow,
Rebuilt transmission installed, head gasket replacement, heads resurfaced flat, oil change, cams polished, timing chains and guides replaced, catback exhaust installed, h&r springs installed on suspension, a/c recharged,
04/23/2008 - 184,350 km, (114,549 miles) - oil change, fuel injector hose replaced
05/23/2009 185,350 km, (115,171 miles) - trans leak fixed, rear brake shoe set
07/14/2008 187,089 km, (116,251 miles) - oil change
09/29/2008 188,291 km, (116,998 miles) - front and rear disk brakes replaced, pitman arm replaced, idler arm replaced
12/03/2008 188,302 km, (117,005 miles) - major engine overhaul to follow
Customer supplied long block stripped to pistons and reassembled with some components from old engine, Shrick Cams installed, a/c recharged, cylinder bores checked, heads checked for flatness, power steering fluch, transmission flush
01/09/2009 189,193 km, (117,559 miles) - oil change, fan clutch replaced, fuel injector cleaning
06/25/2009 194,769 km, (121,023 miles) - oil change
10/15/2010 204,914 km, (127,327 miles) - oil change, power steering belt, alternator belt, brake fluid flush
05/09/2010 209,000 km, (129,866 miles) - oil change, front brakes replaced,
04/05/2012 215,800 km, (134,091 miles) - headlight ballast replaced with xenon model
10/10/2013 220,090 km, (136,757 miles) - fuel pump replaced, oil change, Michelin pilot A/S 3 tires installed,
03/12/2014 221,914 km, (137,890 miles) - oil change, 4 wheel alignment, coolant flush and fill
14 Nov 2018, 225,818 km, (140,316 Miles) - Oil and Filter Change, Fog Light Replacement, coolant check, hood struts replaced