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Make: BMW
Model: 5-Series
Year: 1987
Mileage: 109,700
VIN: wbadc890300716026
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: New Boston, New Hampshire, United States

1987 BMW 5-Series Additional Info:


Eyes on something special this week that sells on the 12th. Motivated to sell by the end of that auction. For sale on a couple local platforms to message me ASAP.


Hey Ya’ll – thanks for taking a peak at my true import 1987 BMW M535i, M30B34. It’s a Japanese spec DC89 (LHD catalyst, automatic): 1,140 produced internationally from 03/1985 through 09/1987. This cars were hand assembled in Munich, this M-Technic body kit is real and original. These were never for sale or produced in the United States.

At 30 years old, this car certainly stands out amongst its brothers and sisters. Mechanically it's ready to turn key and go, daily or sunday, no CELs. Less than 50 registered last time I checked, this was imported in November of '15.

Rather than storing this winter, I sent her to a local reputable shop out of Southern New Hampshire called DTM Autowerks. If you’re familiar with east coast car culture, you may have seen their work at such shows like Wolfsgart and H2Oi. At this time the car had less than 110,000 miles and was ready for a revival. I spared zero expense to bring this car back to where it deserved to be, the following is a list of work done over the past two months. I have receipts for everything I’ve ever done with this car, including the recent inspection report.


· Engine/transmission were removed from car and separated from one another.

· Degreased and cleaned all exterior surfaced of the engine/transmission.

· Engine accessories were removed, valve cover, oil pan, timing cover, water pump and thermostat housing.

· Upon original inspection, slight cylinder leak. Cylinder head was removed and sent to a machine shop for a pressure test and inspection. With a slight warp to head upon diagnosis, we had it rebuilt and machined true.

· Installed all NEW seals and gaskets including rear main seal, front crank sea, valve cover gasket, oil pan gasket and timing cover set… everywhere.

· Installed new water pump and thermostat.

· With the drivetrain out, engine compartment was cleaned.

· Reinstalled motor/transmission assembly.

· Installed new accessory belts and radiator hoses.

· An obvious oil change and cooling system filled.

· Car was run to temp to bleed air from cooling system.

· At conclusion, car was checked for leaks, not a drop can be found.


· Front = GOOD

· Rear = installed new rotors/premium pads. Clean and lubricate caliper slides. Adjusted park brake, bleed system as needed and road tested ensure proper operation.


· Replaced front pipe to manifold gaskets.

· Installed new rubber exhaust hangers.

· Slight patina near downpipe/tips.



· Installed new seals on the inner axle cups.

· Removed strut housing from vehicle to access/remove strut inserts to replace with new ones. All road tested for operation.


· Almost zero issues, slight fading on drivers seat corner closest to door. No rips or tears ANYWHERE. To quote one of my friends today, “How does this look cleaner than my new Audi?”

· A slight 1cm crack in dashboard. All windows work flawlessly, including the huge sunroof and shade.


· Sits on BBS RX’s

· Aftermarket stereo/speakers – wiring issue causes them to work on and off.

· Aftermarket kill switch for battery in engine bay.

· Has been repainted but matched in history, key marks near gas lid. Otherwise amazing condition for age. Car had phone antenna mounted on trunk, since removed.

· Front bumper was professionally restored and painted, as it looked fatigued upon purchase.

· Original engine hood insulation was near non-existent, replaced with Bavarian-spec.

If you find a similar example, I'll match the price. This is one of the cleanest M535i's out there, let alone an E28. Happy to connect you with both professional shops who have serviced her.

Car comes with full documentation, original titles, inspection document and requested import documents. I have most recent receipts, over $6,000 in last year alone on tune up and rebuild.

Car is for sale locally and other platformsso I reserve the right to end. I have a folder of over 100 photos for serious buyers, however all in person visits are more than encouraged. Also, happy to assist with shipping, lots of domestic and international experience. Thanks for your time and consideration!