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1976 AMC Pacer. 67,840 Miles, A/C, Automatic, Cruise Control, PS, PB. Superb.

Make: AMC
Model: Pacer
Type: Hatchback
Year: 1976
Mileage: 67840
VIN: A6A667A198835
Color: Silver
Engine: 258 CID, 6 cylinder, 2 bbl
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Red
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Orlando, Florida, United States

1976 AMC Pacer Additional Info:

Offered for sale in this true no reserve price eBay auction with a $50 starting price is my stunning, option packed 1976 American Motors Pacer. It’s equipped with the 258 CID, 6 cylinder motor, automatic transmission and ice cold factory air conditioning.

Though it’s been driven 67,840 miles it looks and drives like a 30,000 mile car. Really. So exceptional is my Pacer that it is likely among the top examples in terms of original build quality, current cosmetic and mechanical condition, rust-free nature and extraordinary drive-ability. Simply put it’s one of the finest Pacers offered for sale anywhere in the U.S. in the last 2 years.


The final bidder will win my Pacer. While I have not posted a Buy-It-Now price for my Pacer I’ll sell it for $13,000. If this auction runs its full 10 days it's possible that my car may pass that mark. If you are sincerely interested in buying my car before auction’s end please call me. If we reach an agreement I can add the agreed upon amount as a Buy-It-Now figure, for you alone, to this listing. My cell number is at the end of this very long report.


Exterior: Silver Frost

Interior: Red Marine Grade Vinyl




1976 Pacer Base Price $3,499

D/L Package 289

All-Season Air Conditioning 499

Power Assist Options: Power Steering & Brakes 234

Protection Group 79

Torque Command Automatic Transmission N/C

6J Silver Frost Two Tone Paint 212

Bucket Seats 136

AM/FM Stereo Radio 179

Cruise Command Speed Control 129

Fuel Economy Light 8

Tinted Glass All Windows 83

Intermittent Action Windshield Wipers 19

Factory To Dealer Transport 140

Original Sticker Price $5,506

SALES HISTORY: My Pacer was originally sold by Golden Triangle AMC/Jeep of Eustis Florida on 3/15/76.

ACCIDENT HISTORY: None. The car is a never-damaged, pristine example.

EXTERIOR CONDITION: Rust-free, practically flawless and beautifully cared for.

The exterior finish has a very high luster and deep gloss. My Pacer looks as if it has been dipped in molten silver glass. The finish is breathtaking. It is completely ding and dent-free. Every panel is bondo-free and straight. The rockers, quarter panels and trunk floor are rust-free.

There is one small scratch on the entire car that you’d be very hard pressed to find. Even the original chrome bumpers are nearly flawless and gorgeous.

The car hasn’t spent a single night outdoors since I’ve owned it.

INTERIOR CONDITION: Exceptional, ultra-ultra-clean and wear free, tear-free and issue-free. Carpet, seats, door trim panels, dash and rear cargo/jump seat area are all virtually perfect. The carpets are original. The red marine grade vinyl is incredibly soft and supple and looks like it’s never been sat upon.

ENGINE COMPARTMENT: Show ready. Just gorgeous, actually.

MECHANICAL CONDITION: Exceptional, exceptional, exceptional. The motor does not use or leak a single drop of oil and never has. The underside of the car, the engine and the transmission are extraordinarily clean.

Please feel warmly welcome to have a pre-purchase inspection performed (your expense, please) by a reliable local mechanic of your choice.

For those who are considering flying in (I’d be delighted to pick you up at Orlando International Airport) and driving my Pacer home please rest completely assured that it’s ready to be drivenanywherein the United States. Take it on a 3,000 mile drive home and enjoy absolute reliability and comfort.

GAUGES & ELECTRONICS: Every gauge works and is completely accurate. The windshield wipers work perfectly as do the cabin lights, stereo system and headlights. The cruise control works perfectly. The air conditioning is ice cold.

RECENT MAINTENANCE: 8 miles ago and in anticipation of this auction I, A) changed the engine oil & oil filter, B) changed the transmission oil and filter, C) flushed the cooling system and replaced the coolant with correct coolant, D) replaced the power steering fluid, E) the entire braking system was checked, flushed and renewed with correct brake fluid, F) I installed a new battery on October 2nd.

TIRES & WHEELS: My Pacer is equipped with 4 more than adequate B.F. Goodrich radial tires. They retain about 80% of their tread.

The aluminum full-moon hub caps are completely flawless and cover the original AMC steel wheels.

RUNNING & DRIVING CONDITION: Spectacular. My Pacer tracks dead straight and true on the highway even at 70 mph. My Pacer steering is as tight and accurate as new. It panic stops straight and true even from 70 mph to zero. It has substantialpower throughout its entire RPM range.

The transmission shifts perfectly and was complete free of metal flakes when its fluid was changed 8 miles ago. Zero metal flakes in the motor oil 8 miles ago, too.

This Pacer runsperfectly.

FLAWS, ISSUES or CONCERNS: None. Really. My Pacer is that nice.


1) The original Navajo Basketry design D/L seat and door inserts were removed and gorgeous marine grade vinyl inserts were installed by a superb upholstery shop. The color match is perfect.

2) Though the Pacer is dressed to look like an ‘X’ it is, of course, a D/L. I loved the look of the X Pacers when I was a kid so splurged on X stripes and emblems when I bought this Pacer.

3) The factory air conditioning has been converted from old school R12 to the modern R134a standard. The job was done by a top quality A/C professional. The air conditioning blows ice cold. The heater is hot.

4) The stock AMC stereo radio, door and cargo area speakers have been replaced with very high end Alpine AM/FM Stereo CD/MP3/DVD equipment.

5) A 4 wheel alignment was done 1,200 miles ago.

6) From its doors back the Pacer has had removable 3M window tint applied for the sake of coolness and privacy. The tint is perfect. Zero blemishes, scratch marks, abrasions, nicks or defects. This superb UV ray blocking tint is one of the reasons the interior of this Pacer is in such lovely condition.

7) My Pacer has a rear-facing, constantly-on TV camera that feeds to a 5.25” LED screen that is located just under the radio controls. Great for backing up but it’s also handy to keep a look out for, and evade, potential rear end accidents.

8) My Pacer is equipped with a key fob controlled high-end burglar alarm and electric door lock/unlock system.

9) I’ve always filled my Pacer’s fuel tank with 87 to 89 octane ethanol free fuel as did the previous owner. It will run perfectly on ethanol fuel, too.

10) An excellent spare tire, the original jack and jack handle are present.

THEORY OF OWNERSHIP: Well cared for Pacers are an undervalued bargain. Nearly every other collectable, exotic, classic or special interest car has wildly accelerated in value while nice Pacers have lagged somewhat behind. 1975 and 1976 Pacers in very nice, rust-free condition are now regularly pushing past $10,000 and into the $15,000 range. A not-so-nice 1979 D/L wagon just sold on eBay for $12,500…

My point is this. Pacers are currently affordable. Is there potential for their appreciation? I think so. I graphed average values since 2009 and their value has climbed by 5.8 percent per year. Not stellar growth but solid and constant.

Pacer ownership makes sense. Pacer parts abound at your local auto parts store and on-line and the average auto shop typically does an excellent job repairing Pacers. There are thousands of shops U.S.-wide who are perfectly capable of repairing this car. Their hourly repair rates are usually very affordable, too.

My Pacer costs $122 yearly to insure for full replacement value ($15,000) through Hagerty Insurance (1-877-472-0659). Yes, I’m a 65 years old careful driver but you’re certain to pay about the same.

Now, here’s what I love most about owning my Pacer. It attracts attention yet it’s not flashy. It garners stares, honks, thumbs-up, and nostalgic smiles where ever it goes. A trip to the gas station almost always results in a question and answer session followed by a cell phone photo session. Everybody loves this car.

ME: I am not a car dealer. I am an audio engineer and unrelenting perfectionist and have owned a lot of special interest or exotic cars. Cars are my hobby and a needed distraction from the pressures of work.

This is the 4thPacer that I’ve owned. I bought my first, a nearly perfect car with 31,000 miles, in 1986. This car is as nice as that first Pacer. I know these cars inside and out and I know what constitutes an exceptional one. Mineisan exceptional one.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: A clean, ‘open’, lien-free, damage-free, flood-free, salvage-free, rebuilt-free Florida title that is in my name, a signed power of attorney form in case you need to execute my signature at your DMV, a signed bill of sale with the selling price left blank, two ignition/door keys, original 121 page AMC Pacer owner’s manual, original window sticker and original showroom sales brochure.

WHAT I REQUIRE OF YOU: Please don’t whim bid. Please call me with questionsbeforeyou place your bid. Be able to transfer a $650 non-refundable deposit via PayPal in order to hold my Pacer until you’re able to drive or ship it home. Thanks.

Contact me: 1-321-279-8849. I’m Mark Leonard.