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1982 AMC Eagle Sedan 4WD

Make: AMC
Model: Eagle
SubModel: Sedan
Type: Sedan
Trim: 30
Year: 1982
Mileage: 74828
VIN: 1ACCK3559CK166764
Color: Burgundy
Engine: 4.2L Gas I6
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Interior color: Red
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Arnold, Maryland, United States

1982 AMC Eagle 30 Additional Info:

Rare Sedan in very solid shape. I purchased this car from an older local guy who was big into AMCs, had about 12 in varying condition on his farm. Bought this on a whim, as I learned to drive on an exact copy of this car, except it was the more pedestrian rear wheel drive Concord. Runs very well, surprisingly quiet, smooth and supple cruiser, gets way more attention than I would have expected. Neat car to bring to a Cars and Coffee/other local show, not many of these left. Truly the first crossover vehicle (take that Subaru lol) with lots of life left.
I like to list cars the way I’d want to buy them, so I’ll point out all the bad along with the good. Keep in mind, this car is nearly 40 years old, and while overall it’s pretty nice, does have its flaws. I welcome and encourage those who can come see/drive it in person to do so. I’m also happy to entertain all questions here.
Although the paint in the pictures looks pretty good, it is a Maaco respray in single stage, non factory color. Original paint was too oxidized to correct, so I had this done in the color closest to factory. A proper buffing now should correct most of the current issues, namely car wash brush marks. Does shine quite nicely tho. Prior coat wasn’t sanded, so some spots have varying levels from prior chips/flakes. Newer, very nice Eagle emblems come with the car, and should be easy to replace. Single AMC badge on trunk is missing. Vinyl roof on lower portions an inch or two up from the base is lifting in spots. One “4wd” small center hub cover is missing, along with one trim ring. Factory hubcap design is atrocious anyway, should be replaced to avoid a public nuisance charge lol. Many Jeep parts directly swap, including wheels, and some Jeep wheels really complement the car. Rear parcel shelf is a lost cause appearance-wise and should be replaced to bring it up to the otherwise very nice standard of the rest of the interior. Not that noticeable if you don’t care tho. No pics of headliner due to Ebay limitations, but it looks like new. All electrics work (including the little bulb on the end of the rear defroster switch!), but heater core is bypassed due to leak (new core comes with car) and AC doesn’t function. HVAC blower is fine though. Driver’s side view mirror glass came off remote adjustment cables, but is still with car. Driver’s seat belt release button is broken, I just use the passengers, although there is a center lap belt section you might be able to utilize if two are riding.
Transmission clunks transitioning from Park/Neutral to Reverse/Drive, May want to replace transmission mounts if it’s bothersome. Shifts and drives smoothly otherwise. Has the requisite AMC 4.2 factory plastic valve cover oil leak, doesn’t bother me much, but is noticeable with hood open. Nice metal aftermarket units are still available for a reasonable cost. Occasional clunk from front right wheel when backing then braking from driveway and wheel is turned left at limit. Steering wheel seems to have a little on-center slop, but that may be just early 80s AMC engineering lol. Has recirculating ball like most older 4wd systems, and I believe that’s adjustable to take up slop. Choke and idle speed are a bit high the first first few minutes when cold, could use a bit of idle adjustment, or just replace the irritating original carb with some common aftermarket units popular with the Eagle and Jeep communities. I start it with starting fluid if left for longer than a few weeks, vs wearing out the starter until fuel pump fills the bowl If you drive/just start it more routinely, you shouldn’t need to do this. Starts quickly and easily otherwise. Right rear appears to sag a bit, even after I replaced original units with new leaf springs. Bumper height is within an inch each side, and within factory spec, so not sure why it appears so. Nothing awry underneath the car I could see when replacing the springs, and no accident damage I know of. All belts are new, but one occasionally squeaks on start-up, just needs a re-tension.

New parts:
- factory rated rear leaf springs- fuel pump- radiator and thermostat- 4 new Hancook Optimo H724 tires (<100 miles)- bronze bushings replaced on driver’s door hinges- all engine accessory drive belts- power steering pressure hose- battery cables and starter solenoid- full carpeting- new heater core (uninstalled)- full set of nice factory “Eagle” badges

I’ve only put about five hundred miles on it over the 2+ years I had her, but she’s been reliable. 4wd system works as it should via the dash mounted vacuum switch. Never taken off-road, but I did confirm on wet roads. Obviously, I can’t guarantee anything on a 38 year old car, but I hope my pics and description provide enough information. I just don’t have time and want to clear up space, would rather this go to an Eagle enthusiast to keep these neat vehicles alive. I have a real appreciation for the more unique/obscure/rare vehicles, but no point keeping her hoarded in my garage. I’ll update the listing in response to questions or if I’ve forgotten anything.
Happy to hold in the garage for a reasonable timeframe until buyer can ship/take. Three weeks from auction win seems fair, but can work with buyer. Happy to help with loading where needed. Deposit is non-refundable, so make sure you want it; auction wins are binding agreements. Cash preferred for balance. Any wire/cashier’s check (no money orders) must fully clear with my bank before title or car is transferred.