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1982 AMC Eagle 6cyl auto. 4x4

Make: AMC
Model: Eagle
Type: Wagon
Year: 1982
Mileage: 119,206
VIN: 2CCCK3877CB722261
Color: White
Engine: 258ci 4.2L
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Automatic
Drive type: 4WD
Drive side: Left-hand drive
Vehicle Title: Clear
Item location: Ephrata, Pennsylvania, United States

1982 AMC Eagle Additional Info:

This is my 1982 AMC Eagle Wagon, I bought it early 2015 from a guy in York Pennsylvania. He purchased it in 2013 from somewhere in NY State. He did'nt put many miles on it, and I only put a few thousand miles on it just here and there as a cool classic Sunday driver.
About the AMC Eagle:The American Eagle was developed in the late 70s and hit the showroom floor in early 1980, and made history as the best selling vehicle with the least amount of market research since the Ford Model T! It was the first unibody 4 wheel drive car or "crossover" type vehicle to be a popular sell. It was the product of the underdog auto company American Motors taking a bold move after their previous attempts at something different didn't sell so well. This one made their bread and butter for the next 8 years, as well as automotive history. Over 220,000 units were sold. Today not many remain in Good or even Excellent shape, and are becoming rarer each year.
This Eagle came from the factory with the Limited trim package (some extra chrome and other small details), including Air Conditioning, tilt steering wheel, AM/FM radio, Cruise control, Leather seats with "pillow top" (extra padding). The drivetrain (which is all original), 258ci 4.2L inline 6 cylinder, 3 speed automatic with lockup torque converter, and select drive 4 wheel drive.
For those who care about drivetrain setup: the transfer case is a New Process 128, single speed chain driven with vacuum shift motor to change from 2wd to 4wd. The front axle is a Dana 30 with CV axle shafts and an axle disconnect with a vacuum shift motor to change from 2wd to 4wd. The rear axle is an AMC 15 solid axle (Later becoming the Dana 35) The AMC 258ci. (4.2L) 6 cylinder is an inline six cylinder engine with the intake and exhaust on the same side. Factory power numbers were 110 hp and 210 ft-lbs torque.
The Maintenance that I have done over the past 3 years; Changed the transmission fluid and filter twice (because you cant drain the torque converter) and added a single pass transmission cooler. Changed the transfer case fluid, and both differentials fluid including the front axle disconnect.I changed the oil every 3K miles using 15W40 diesel rated oil because the valvetrain uses flat tappets not roller tappets like new cars would. I greased all the door mechanisms and added new door strikers so that the doors open and close smoothly without much effort. The battery is 3 years old Napa 750 cranking amp (625 at 0 degrees). I added new lift shocks to the rear hatch, opens easily and stays up. I put on new brake pads on the front, the rest of the brakes are in good shape although not near new.
Other work performed to the car; When I got the car the front bumper was pushed in on the passenger side, I had my mechanic straighten the bracket (the bumper itself is ok) but still sits 1/4" higher on the passenger side, noticeable in some pictures. The fender also was dented slightly on the front which I pulled the dent out and touched it up but its not perfect. Also added a new plastic headlight surround on that side. I then added some Jeep bumper end caps to finish off the front bumper as Eagle front bumper caps are very hard to find in good condition. I used my small spot sandblaster to take care of a few small rust spots, 1 at the driver side rear door underneath (see picture), 1 at the rear window on the driver side, and 2 under the rear fenders. I put a new valve cover gasket in, but it is still the original plastic valve cover which are prone to leaking oil down on the motor. I added a leaf spring to the spring packs of each side of the rear suspension (the original springs sagged a bit). I replaced the headliner material and used plastic molding to hold it up against the foam backing. Gluing it to the old foam backing would only last a few months until it came down again. I installed a good used radio and new speakers in the doors, the radio is an Optima brand 35watt x 4 = 140 watts, tape deck with auxiliary input jack, digital tuning, 2 sets of pre-amp outputs (front and rear) and options like metal or regular tape cassets. I replaced the engine temp. sensor. I replaced the hinge bushings for the driver door. The front sway bar bushings have all been replaced with red polyurethane bushings before I bought the car. The wheel bearing on the passenger side rear was replaced due to making noise, just had a nick in the race the bearing itself was fine but was replaced and the seal as well, work was performed by a local old car pro.
This car is pretty much original from 1982, which is good because it has not been mistreated or modified oddly, but that also means that some things are a little old or worn. The driver seat is discolored but is not torn, the rear cargo area is sun faded and speaker covers are not original. There are some small spots at the carpet you might not notice in the pictures, the carpet is a little faded on the center humps, the dash has a spot of glue directly in the middle like someone had a GPS or compass?? There are some small stone chips and some small scratches. The hitch Looks home made, but is bolted to the frame with 4 grade 8 bolts, and to the bumper with 2 grade 8 bolts and a 1. 7/8" ball. It looks like it would easily pull a 2K lb. trailer. I dont know why the rear bumper was cut for the hitch, but it could be cleaned up with the right tools and a steady hand. Or get a replacement bumper from the junkyard Eagle 20 min. away from here. There is some rust at the driver side frame behind the front wheel, it is still solid and inspect-able, but if driven through salt and water will soon become a problem. This car could be driven for a few years while you save some money or time to fix that, the sooner the cheaper. No other major rust problems, some small spots here or there to take care of someday. All floorboards and body panels are solid, no holes or major rust. The exhaust is dated, but sealed and usable, the cat is not clogged but is old. I never tried to use the cruise control, other than that all the electric items work, including the emissions computer, and electric choke. Has the upgraded distributor cap and rotor. The HVAC controls work nice and smooth. The Air Conditioning does not work, I never did anything with it, just have the power wire to the compressor unplugged, everything is there just needs work to use. The 4 wheel drive vacuum shift works flawlessly, the shift motors are in good shape, with this setup you are required to STOP, shift to or from 4wd, then make sure it changed before driving again. The pinion yoke seal at the rear axle leaks a little, not a big deal but to repair the seal will require some knowledge of axles as it will need the crush sleeve replaced at the same time to retain the proper torque on the pinion nut. This car is equipped with the smog pump, the only year that the Eagle had this was 1982, all the emissions are there and working which may be required for your locality, but I will include some parts to remove the pump Except for an exhaust manifold without the air tubes, I did not locate one. The space saver spare tire is in the "trunk" the part of the rear cargo area lifts up, great shape, doesn't look like it was ever used, holds air, and the original bumper jack is there too.
The Original wheels hubcaps and tires go with the car, the tires are all the same letter size 215/65/R15 but they are 3 different brands, all with ok tread. The Jeep wheels and Goodyear tires I spent a bit of money for, they will be available to the buyer for an extra $200. only 5,000 miles on them, some dry rot cracks starting in the tread portion of the tires. Well worth $200. but someone may not want them, thus they are separate.
The title is clear, in my name, and in my hand ready to go. We will do the title exchange at the local notary NO funny business!
I have a lot of detail in this ad, as well as some video on Youtube of the car starting and driving.
Please do your research and understand all before bidding.This car could easily be driven home, but I would help with loading it onto a trailer or carrier that YOU provide. Shipping is not up to me, but I am willing to meet you somewhere locally.Car is sold as is where is, no reserve bidding auction.
If you've any questions please ask! I will get back to you when I am done with work.
Happy Bidding!

My youtu be account for videos:youtube.com/channel/UCHRYXuJu6xjU5OIEQc0OW-w/featured