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1983 ALFA ROMEO GTV6, Rosso, Great Condition. Original Cali Car. No Rust. 5K PPG

Make: Alfa Romeo
Model: GTV6
Type: Coupe
Year: 1983
Mileage: 116016
VIN: ZARAA6699D1005021
Color: Red
Engine: Busso V6 2.5
Cylinders: 6
Fuel: Gasoline
Transmission: Manual
Drive type: RWD
Interior color: Black
Vehicle Title: Clean
Item location: Lake Oswego, Oregon, United States

1983 Alfa Romeo GTV6 Additional Info:

Just in time for some Fall Touring!

All Pics and Videos are from this week. Please see additional links for high-rez photos and videos.


Freeway run. This GTV6 Pulls for days on highways. At 30-70mph it could top most modern cars. I wouldn't know.. but I'd guess it can reach well over 100mph in 4th gear alone and without any vibrations or stress.


Warm Start-Up


Cold Start-Up, Idle screw is probably a hare low, hence the battery light till some throttle blip. Is not an issue.


Back Road run.


Walk around Idle/Lights/Night


Brakes on/off


Pics and Vids are just after a wash and wax. This was not detailed nor polished for any of this media.

This is my Alfa Romeo, I’ve been the proud custodian for the last 15 years. I’m the 2nd owner.

Reasons for selling- I work between two states and am mostly away from home since 2018, I just never drive the car anymore. I’ve probably driven 100 miles on the car in the last two years, and that’s mostly to stretch her legs, and get the fluids going. With limited parking space and my wife not able to drive manual, it’s time to let her go.

This Alfa has never been Non-Operational. And has never left me stranded anywhere. Starts right up and purrs from bone cold. (see videos)

This Alfa has always passed DEQ/SMOG for every registration period. The timing for this needs to be set correctly to pass emissions. I cannot guarantee any results for your state.

All the miles are original and accurate.

This Alfa has always been protected from the elements (garaged or covered) since owning. This was originally a California car, and most of its time was spent there.

All the steel is solid. No rust or structural issues.

The original owner was a car collector who entered cars at Italiano Concorso in California, so the car has been well looked after.

This has been a light restoration project over the years, mostly cosmetics, with mechanicals when needed (which hasn’t been often).


I had the whole car resprayed in the original 530 Alfa Red with PPG 2 stage back in 2007.

The original paint had the ugly grey (very odd sized) lower 3rd paint scheme. Original Red Alfas always look best with complete deep red with dark wheels in my opinion. And this car proves that in my opinion.

This car has never been detailed nor polished since repainting. This is just what covering/garaging/pampering and washing and carnauba waxing every 3-6 months for 15 plus years looks like.

A lot of thick clearcoat still on this. And ample room for paint corrections if needed later.

Not Showcar ready.. But definitely will get attention at your local Cars and Coffee.

Very small amount of orange peel near passenger side front pillar, very hard to see in person and will not show up in Photos.

Wheels have some light scuffing. Rear passenger wheel has the most. Spare wheel is better. Overall present well.

Windshield and windows are clear and free of cracks.


The interior is original and still excellent. The carpet is showing some wear, there’s one small tear under each of the front mats.

The dashboard I had refurbished in 2012, along with the backseats completely reupholstered as they were showing signs of wear.

Door gaskets are good but show some wear. Door upper trim carpeting is secure but has some warping. (see pics)

No sagging interior door panels like you see in every GTV6 (my theory is any door that’s had after-market speaker holes cut-out will have this. (which is a high % of these) Why I’ve always resisted putting front speakers in.

The front seats are original, good with the driver’s side having an older small 1” patch job. They have some mild wear but overall still supple and comfortable.

Headliner intact and no sagging. Looks good. Has never been shampooed since owning. Some very mild discoloration. Sunroof works properly.


Engine, Clutch, Transmission Strong, No knocks. Compression checked, on all cyl. Great. 190 psi x 5 with 6 cyl. Slightly lower at 185 psi, 6cyl small drop common for this model. Clutch and driveline strong, no sounds or free play in shaft. Inspected doughnuts, show no tears or wear.

AC needs recharging. All equipment for AC is in place.

No leaks. Garage floor will stay clean.

Transmission 2nd gear is starting to crunch but is still good. Shifting deliberate and patiently and you’re fine. 3rd to 2nd usually requires some rev matching. Basically keeping your 2nd gear shift between 2-3k revs and you’re good. (see videos)

All shocks, springs original. Still perform well but are nearly 40 years old.

All headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn, heater, wipers,

courtesy key light, Original Kenwood Radio/Cassette and Power Windows/Mirrors work.

Hood prop latch is broken. Hood bulb assembly missing.

Hatch prop shaft works excellently.

Original tool box and jacks.

Full size spare in place.


Over the years I’ve had minor mech. work and parts purchased. Will list below.

This car has had Full Synthetic Mobil 1 Oil changes every 3.5k miles since owning.

Exterior Cosmetic Upgrades

Full PPG 2 stage. 2007.

Black gutters reconditioned.


Dashboard Refurbished

Rear Seats Reupholstered. 2012. Rob’s Upholstery Portland

New Headlight/Indicator/Wiper stalk

Tach and Speedo needles reconditioned (most are bent and yellowed)

Timing Belt changed/Tensioner adjusted at 110k miles by Santo in LA.

Intake Plenum coupler hoses Replaced. Santo in LA

Water pump/thermostat replaced. 2014. A.T.D. Ferrari/Portland

Valve Cover Gaskets replaced. 2014. A.T.D. Ferrari/Portland

Tensioner checked and passed inspection. 2014. A.T.D. Ferrari/Portland

Rear brake calipers rebuilt. Brake pads bled/flushed. 2012 Nasko/Portland

New Headlight/Indicator/Wiper stalk

7mm Magnecor (black) spark plug wires

Tune up. Spark plugs/Distributor Cap/Rotor 2015.

Headlight switch/fuse relay replacement done in 2012.

(Costly but allows for much brighter lights and potential modern Headlights)

Redline 75w90 NS Transmission fluid change. 2017. New-ish Dunlop tires. 80-90% life still in them.



Small exhaust leak past 2nd muffler, can be seen in pics. The sound of the car is amazing and I've never ventured to correct this small leak. This should not cause any issues with emissions or sound inspections.
Edit** After cleaning the contacts to the speed sensor (at the transmission) no more bounce or erratic needle on the Speedo. (See latest vid for reference)I had reported how the Speedo had begun this past month to bounce somewhat erratically from time to time. (although every vid I've recorded this week, it isn't doing it, I wanted potential bidders to know) Odometer and Trip seem to be unphased by this behavior. I can't guarantee the issue is fully resolved (most likely speed sender/soldering down-the-road issue) since I won't be driving the car around much to test now being an active auction. But it looks resolved and really looks to not be related to a much costlier Speedo Gauge fix. But again AS-IS.

Winter (seasonal) quirks

On 50 degree or below days,

The steering wheel has about an 1/2" of play for the first few turns, then it’s fine.

(In warm weather this is not an issue at all)

On 50 degree or below days,

If going longer than a month of not driving, a battery tender (or battery disconnect) is recommended.

Tested and does not have any electrical leaks nor any parasitic draws.

This seems more to be Alfa’s design of having a super long cable lead going from the front to the back of the car.

(In warm weather this is not an issue at all)


Front driver’s side bumper corner is fading and somewhat discolored. Bumper plastics overall could use resto but present nicely.

Wiper arms need some resto.

A couple driver’s side door dings, very minor and can only be seen at extreme angle and lighting.

A scratch or mark in paint of all wheel arches. Some small scratches and knicks on side painted panels. Paint still looks very good and presents nicely.

Interior Pillar arm vinyl has small tear. Does not distract.

Very Minor Quirks

Glove box doesn’t open easily after dashboard resto. Would need some dremel work.

Clutch pedal is sometimes squeaky before being warmed up, inside cabin. (This is a noise issue only).

Interior lights not working. I believe the bulbs need replacing.

Terms and Conditions

All inspections will be made prior to the end of auction.

All sales are final. Sold AS-IS.

No refunds or partial refunds. If you win this, your winning bid will be the final price.

I've taken a lot of time to include as many representative photographs as possible and meticulously describe the car.

After carefully reading of this entire auction page,

if you still have any questions or concerns, or to clarify anything described, please ask them before bidding.

This vehicle is pre-owned and not in new condition.

Payment and Deposit A non-refundable deposit of $1200.00 is due within forty-eight (48) hours, two (2) days, of this auction closing and can only be paid to the Seller. Full payment of the final price is due within seven (7) days of this auction closing by Cash (in person), Cashier's Check, Money Order or certified funds in US dollars. Please be advised that you are responsible for all fees associated with the purchase of the Automobile including but not limited to taxes and registration. Once full payment is received, the Seller will provide clear title. The forms must be completed before the Automobile is shipped or made available to you. Due to the high cost of selling these automobiles, any failure to pay the deposit or final price of the auction within the time noted above will result in full action through eBay and legal action though state and federal law pursuant to this contract. In addition, the Automobile will be re-listed for sale. Taxes, Licensing and Fees I will deliver the title only after funds have cleared and you will be responsible for registration and taxes in your own state or providence.

Delivery or Pickup The buyer is responsible for all delivery costs and arrangements or picking up the Automobile.

The Seller does not provide financing and reserves the right to end the auction early for any reason. Disclaimer: Bidders with a positive feedback only. THIS VEHICLE SOLD AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS AND WITHOUT WARRANTY, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, ORAL OR WRITTEN, ASSURANCES OR GUARANTEES. The Automobile is non-certified which is offered in pre-owned condition that is being auctioned without refund or exchange options. ANY and ALL representations made in the description above are made to the best of the Seller's knowledge, however, due to divergent notions of condition and quality, you are encouraged rely on your own physical inspection of the Automobile and not the description above. Furthermore, due to the likelihood for latent and patent defects within and/or on a pre-owned automobile, the Seller cannot guarantee that all issues are disclosed in the description above. Despite the Seller's best efforts, it is inevitable that some inaccuracies may occasionally be present in the description. Additionally the photographs of the Automobile are of the actual vehicle up for auction, however, the color and general appearance my appear differently based on your monitor and color settings. You are hereby advised that it is your responsibility to physically inspect the Automobile prior to completing the sale. Therefore, any claims or disputes as a result of or relate to failure to disclose or misrepresentation are hereby waived by you. The Seller is willing to show you the V.I.N, casting, and/or stamping numbers on the Automobile, however, the Seller cannot guarantee or does not make any assurances that the Automobile and/or its components are in fact original. As aforementioned, ANY representation, including originality, are made to the best of the Seller's knowledge. The mileage of the Automobile listed above in the description is from the Automobile, however, you should understand that there is a possibility that mileage is not correctly listed on the Automobile due to the pre-owned nature of it. Therefore, unless the Seller expressly represents that the Automobile's mileage is guaranteed, the Seller does not guarantee the mileage on the Automobile.

You hereby consent to the exclusive personal jurisdiction and venue of courts in Clackamas County, Oregon in all disputes arising out of or resulting from this auction. A bid within a jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these terms, conditions and notices is still valid to the extent these terms, conditions and notices are valid in that jurisdiction. You agree that if any part of these terms, conditions and notices is found to be unenforceable, the remainder of these terms, conditions and notices will remain in full force and effect. You agree to indemnify, defend, and hold harmless Seller from and against any and all claims, proceedings, damages, injuries, losses, costs, and expenses (including reasonable attorney's fees), relating to the purchase of the Automobile that leads to any claim against us by a third-party, regardless of the nature of the cause of action or claim. This agreement constitutes the entire agreement between you and the seller with respect to this auction and it supersedes all prior or contemporaneous communications and proposals, whether electronic, oral or written. Seller reserves the right to change these terms, conditions and notices at any time without notice. Any rights not expressly granted herein are reserved by Seller.

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